technology we're on the leading edge
technology we're on the leading edge
Windows Azure
Unlimited Possibilities
Organizations today are continually trying to do more with less. If you're struggling with maintaining on premise infrastructure or are being pressured to reduce costs associated with your IT resources, Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions can help. Windows Azure provides an efficient way to reduce costs while also decreasing the time to market for your IT solutions. Skyline Technologies is an early adopter of cloud solutions and has delivered many cost saving applications based on Microsoft’s Azure Platform.  

Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. 

Cloud Assessment
While the Cloud offers businesses many new capabilities, all applications may not be right for the Cloud.  It is highly likely that organizations will find a hybrid solution, including both on-premise and off-premise applications, is the right fit for their business.  Skyline's Cloud assessment will  help you determine which applications best fit the cloud and which do not and give you a better understanding of the costs associated with having your applications in the Cloud.  Whether your organization is looking for a new application or for an existing application to be migrated to the Cloud, Skyline's highly-certified experts will lead the way.
Cloud Solution Planning
If your organization has done an assessment and has determined that a Cloud solution is right for your business, Skyline can work with you to determine the next steps to getting your application to the Cloud.  By leveraging our wide range of expertise in project management, and our experience through numerous Cloud solution implementations, Skyline can help you put together a plan that will deliver your project on time, on budget, with no surprises.
Cloud Development
While Microsoft Azure has been built to utilize common tools such as C#, VB.Net, and Visual Studio, there are design and development considerations that must be addressed when building for the Cloud.  In order to fully gain the cost advantages of the Cloud through the use of Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage, the application must be designed and developed with cost savings in mind. Skyline's Cloud Solution Architects and Software Engineers can design, build and migrate your applications to the Cloud ensuring that you have the most efficient Cloud application possible.

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