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Thought Leadership, demonstrated.
John Ptacek

Introduction to Windows 10
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
By: John Ptacek   
Microsoft Windows 10 is coming in 2015. It promises to address many of the concerns people had with Windows 8. With a couple of versions of the technical preview under our belts, we kick the tires.

Sarah Wegner

Use JS Link to Create a Current Birthdays View
Monday, February 23, 2015
By: Sarah Wegner  

Using a regular list view to create a view of the current month’s birthdays can get tricky in SharePoint with out-of-the-box methods. I’ll show how to create a list view of the current month’s birthdays using JS Link feature in SharePoint 2013.

Phillip Labry

Changing Data Sources in Power Query with Parameters
Monday, February 23, 2015
By: Phillip Labry  
Power Query is a great tool for acquiring and shaping data. If you use Power Query and need to switch data source environments on a regular basis editing each query can quickly become tiresome. Wouldn’t it be great if you could parameterize your connection information for all queries? In this post I demonstrate how to do it.

Ben Metcalf

Office 365: Single Sign-on vs. Same Sign-on
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
By: Ben Metcalf  

“What is the difference between single sign-on and same sign-on?” Single sign-on is the ability to sign-in or log into the platform once and be able to use different applications in the platform or suite without having to enter in your credentials several different times which is certainly a benefit to the user. On the other hand, single sign-on requires more overhead because of hardware and software requirements. Same sign-on requires you to log into each application, using the same userID and password to logon which helps end-users by reducing the number of userID and passwords to remember. Same sign-on requires the use of a tool which can synchronize passwords between on premise environments and the cloud by using a free tool from Microsoft called DirSync. 

Adam Widi

Sales Forecasting using Azure Machine Learning
Friday, February 13, 2015
By: Adam Widi  

There is a lot of excitement around the new Azure Machine Learning service.  This blog takes a look at a specific real world example of machine learning in action.

Tim Van Hammond

Windows Server 2003 End-of-Support is an opportunity for you!
Monday, February 9, 2015
By: Tim Van Hammond  

Windows Server 2003 support is ending July 14, 2015.  This means that both Server 2003 and Server 2003 R2 are affected (Link).  End of life or end of license means that Microsoft won't sell it anymore, Microsoft had stopped selling 2003 a long time ago.  End of Support means that mainstream support will be ending and should be of more concern to you.  That means no more bug fixes, no more patches, and no more assistance available online, etc.  This isn't the end-of-the-world!

Josh Pinsonneault

Microsoft Data Quality Services: An Essential BI Investment
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
By: Josh Pinsonneault  
This blog briefly explains the importance of data quality in organizations and describes how Microsoft Data Quality Services can help improve data quality.

Tim King

DirSync with Alternative UPN
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
By: Tim King  
Using DirSync with Password Sync is an efficient method to add, delete and manage users in Office 365, however one pre-requisite of DirSync is the User Principal Name (UPN) must have a routable address. Many organizations internal Domain structure use a non-routable address scheme, usually a .local or .int naming format. However, most of the users will have an e-mail address, which so happens to be routable and can become the user’s Office 365 Identity

Chris Plate

A Tour of Azure Data Storage Mechanisms
Monday, January 26, 2015
By: Chris Plate  
The Azure story around data storage has come a long way since Microsoft introduced its cloud platform over 5 years ago. There are a number of options now available, and it can be a bit difficult to decide upon the right tool for the job as they all have different characteristics. In this post, I'll give an overview of the primary built-in Azure data storage options that are currently available to perform long-term persistence of data, and briefly touch upon a few other avenues that could be helpful as well.

Mitch Weckop

Through the Lens of the Customer
Friday, January 23, 2015
By: Mitch Weckop  
When talking to clients and potential clients, it is important to look at the opportunity through the lens of the customer. Too many businesses get off-track by thinking and marketing with internal messages. As a result, the message is ineffective.

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