Giving back to communities through technology
At Skyline, we believe it’s our responsibility and duty to give back to our communities. Each year we partner with organizations with causes close to our hearts to provide technologies that help advance their missions.



Skyline Community Give Back


The Skyline Gives program is a reflection of the culture and team atmosphere at Skyline where we strive to make the world around us a bit better each day. A few times a year, we hold Give Camps – intensive, weekend-long events where our associates work with the latest technology and hone their professional chops. But it’s not just an intellectual exercise: We use the time to develop technology solutions for schools, museums and other worthy causes. Give Camp is about using our heads and our hearts – and we can’t think of a better combination. Some of our latest efforts include:
Appleton Shifting Gears
Shifting Gears
Skyline developed a virtual ride experience for the Shifting Gears exhibit using Microsoft’s Kinect technology. The application allows riders to mount a stationary bike and then select from several videos of urban and off-road bike paths using their hand. Riders then start pedaling to “ride” down the path. As riders change their pedal speed, the video playback speed will react accordingly to provide a more realistic feel. This is a great way to allow people of all ages to experience some of Wisconsin’s trails without leaving the exhibit. 
Appleton Mile of Music Festival Mobile App
Mile of Music Festival Mobile App
Skyline collaborated with Mile of Music, a local music festival which draws over 200 bands and 50,000 attendees, to create an end-to-end festival experience based on mobile applications, IOT beacons, Microsoft Azure Event Hubs, SQL Azure and PowerBI Analytics. Utilizing the data collected from the 65 beacons placed throughout the festival venues, Skyline was able to display live attendee traffic by venue and provide a comprehensive post-festival analysis all via PowerBI. The festival attendees were able to search for artists and venues and create a personal itinerary for the festival on their mobile devices. The festival organizers were provided a heat map view of attendee traffic flow and attendance by venue on their mobile devices to aid in future planning. Watch the video or check out the case study to learn more!
Appleton Riverview Gardens Volunteer Management System
Riverview Gardens Volunteer Management System
Skyline partnered with Riverview Gardens and COTS in Appleton, WI to build a Volunteer Management System for the gardens which occupies the site of the old Riverview Country Club in Appleton. The Volunteer Management System allows users to create a profile containing preferences that allow them to see opportunities suited to their taste. Volunteers can register for opportunities and also manage them via the system which includes apps for Android, iPhone, and Windows 8.
Appleton Compassion Project
Appleton Compassion Project
Skyline teamed up with the Appleton Area School District and The Trout Museum of Art to bring the Appleton Compassion Project to life. Skyline created an interactive Virtual Exhibit, a website and three mobile apps that provided for a great user experience and a successful, educational project.