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Learnings of a New Scrum Master
Kim Conrad Kim Conrad  |  
Sep 18, 2018
While I have been a business and system analyst for more years than I can count, have more project management skills than I want to admit, and even have some development skills, I was nervous about taking on the role of a Scrum Master for one project (let alone two). I had some agile...
Resistance to Change (Agile Transformation Pain Point #2)
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Sep 13, 2018
Anyone who's been through any sort of change initiative, who suffered a major loss, anyone who's moved from one place to another has gone through a significant change. For many people, change is difficult, uncomfortable and hard to deal with. There are many stages that people go through during...
3 Reasons SharePoint Governance Plans Fail
Ben Welden Ben Welden  |  
Sep 11, 2018
If you’ve been around the SharePoint world for a while, you’re probably familiar with the basic premise of governance: manage the ways that users create, store, and consume content to keep SharePoint from resembling a series of junk drawers. Recognition of the need for governance became...
Unable to Escape the Waterfall Mindset (Agile Transformation Pain Point #1)
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Sep 07, 2018
It's important when you're getting started with agile to escape the traditional or waterfall mindset. This is crucial in being able to successfully transform. One of the most important aspects of that is culture. If your culture is not ready to adopt agile, you're going to have to make some...
What You Need to Know About User Experience (UX)
Peter Chanthasena Peter Chanthasena  |  
Sep 04, 2018
Most people don't consciously think about design or apps in the sense of User Experience (UX). Rather, it's an intuitive sense that something just looks and feels right. Since an easy and enjoyable experience is crucial to keep people on a site or keep them using an app - and expectations keep...
The Best Business Analysts are Savvy, Confident, and Resolute
Kurt Wondra Kurt Wondra  |  
Aug 28, 2018
While these three characteristics may not be explicitly written in the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (BABoK), nor in the latest BA job description that you read, believe me when I say that these traits are cornerstone characteristics of the highest performing BAs. Being “savvy” refers to...
Business Analysis
The Power of Bugs (What’s the cost of bugs in your software?)
Blayne Roselle Blayne Roselle  |  
Aug 21, 2018
In the rush to ship a product or push a new update live, many companies downplay the damage bugs can do to their software and company reputation. First, there are the direct costs such as loss of business revenue. In a report by tricentis.com in 2017, software failures cost the economy $1.7...
What Tools Do Business Analysts Really Need for Backlog Management?
Kurt Wondra Kurt Wondra  |  
Aug 17, 2018
Whether your current role is that of a Business Analyst (BA) or a Product Owner (or you do a blend of both) and you’re in an agile environment, then you’re doing some form of backlog management. Interestingly, there are many different flavors of backlog management. We BAs have a certain way that...
Business Analysis
How to Add Electronic and Digital Signatures to a Universal Application (UWP) with iText
Paul Madary Paul Madary  |  
Aug 14, 2018
When paying for gas at the pump, checking out at Walmart, or electronically signing a contract to purchase real estate, have you ever thought about what technically goes into that electronic signature?  If not, then this is your lucky day! I recently had to implement this functionality in a UWP...
So Many Business Analyst (BA) Certifications. Which one is right for you?
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Aug 07, 2018
Origins of a BA When you are first beginning your career as a business analyst, it can be challenging. Most of the current workforce came into the business analyst role either through IT or from the business side. Until very recently, formal business analysis education and training was in the...
Business Analysis
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