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How to Pass the Professional Scrum Master Level I (PSM I)
Lucas Smith Lucas Smith  |  
Feb 21, 2017
The Professional Scrum Master Level I is the foundation level scrum master certification available through Scrum.org.  The PSM I is positioned similarly to the CSM (Certified Scrum Master) offered by Scrum Alliance.  No certification can prove effectiveness in a role (too many other factors to...
Which Scrum Certification Should I Get?
Lucas Smith Lucas Smith  |  
Feb 15, 2017
Introduction  There are many great opportunities to further your knowledge and expertise in scrum and agile practices.  The best thing you can do overall is to own your own learning and mastery outside of any specific organizational boundaries.  This means reading books and articles, attending...
Mobile Developer Certification at Xamarin University
Justin Weyenberg Justin Weyenberg  |  
Feb 09, 2017
After 60 something hours of coursework and an exam, I recently became a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer and I’d like to share what this involved and how I succeeded.   To earn your certification you’ll need to enroll at Xamarin University, Xamarin's online training service. XU offers...
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SharePoint Server 2016 Feature Pack 1
Kyle Ziber Kyle Ziber  |  
Feb 03, 2017
This blog is coming a little late to the game, but I wanted to make sure to finally take the time and talk about the SharePoint 2016 November Update. Microsoft has packaged up Feature Pack 1, which was talked heavily about at Ignite 2016, into the November patch. There are a few new features that...
How to track PDF downloads using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
Melanie Lenaghan Melanie Lenaghan  |  
Jan 23, 2017
Many websites offer marketing resources such as whitepapers or reports to be downloaded.  These resources often come in the form of a PDF.   In many cases, it is helpful from a marketer’s point of view to track these downloads.  They can make marketing decisions based off interest in the resource...
Kentico Online Marketing - How to create lead scoring
Logan Romine Logan Romine  |  
Jan 13, 2017
Have you ever wondered what contacts are engaging with your website? Possibly what contacts are hot leads? Kentico EMS license allows Marketers to easily and quickly determine what contacts are potential leads, this feature is called Scoring in Kentico. This feature does require you to have a...
Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and the Economy
John Ptacek John Ptacek  |  
Jan 12, 2017
May you live in interesting times is an old curse. Well, we certainly are living in interesting times! Over the last 5-10 years, we have seen enormous growth in computing power driven by cloud infrastructure and mobile phones. This has resulted in tremendous economies of scale; driving down the...
Your Domain in the Cloud with Azure Active Directory Domain Services
Erik Dempsey Erik Dempsey  |  
Jan 06, 2017
A very common misconception about Azure Active Directory is that it can replace your on-premises Windows Server Active Directory.  To be fair, the fact that the words ‘Active Directory’ are in the title is probably what causes the confusion most.  However, even in Windows Server Active Directory...
Best Practices for Online Security
John Ptacek John Ptacek  |  
Jan 05, 2017
With the news full of journalist, politicians, celebrities and other people having their email and phone accounts hacked, it is a constant reminder that we should be vigilant about protecting ourselves online.   While no one can ensure you are 100% safe from online hacking, we have a bunch of...
Making it Snow with a HoloLens
Greg Levenhagen Greg Levenhagen  |  
Dec 22, 2016
If you’re hoping for a white Christmas, the HoloLens can help! This post will walk through the steps of creating a snowing app in augmented reality/mixed reality and what that looks like on a HoloLens.  I’m using Unity, the HoloToolkit and a Particle System for this approach. The HoloToolkit...
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