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5 Critical Business Requirements Elicitation and Collaboration Questions
Brian Laehn Brian Laehn  |  
Mar 20, 2018
Have you ever been asked to “figure out what the business needs and gather those requirements”? That should be a piece of cake – right? I mean, just go out there, and “gather” all those requirements that are just sitting there telling us exactly what the business wants us to deliver. If only it...
Business AnalysisConsulting
Pi Day: Comparing .NET Core, .NET Classic and Node.js Performance
John Ptacek John Ptacek  |  
Mar 14, 2018
In honor of National Pi Day in the US, we are going to revisit an old blog post where we compared the performance of C# to C++. This is a really simple comparison, but we can still learn a few things! We are going to use a VERY slowly converging series to calculate π to 15 decimal points, which...
.Net ProgrammingJavaScript
Deploying Your First SharePoint Framework Webpart
Brad Schlintz Brad Schlintz  |  
Mar 13, 2018
Welcome to Part 2 of our SharePoint Framework series. Part 1 of the series gave an overview of the SharePoint Framework including the customization types, toolchain and tips for getting started. We will now talk about deploying our first SharePoint Framework webpart.Which Deployment Scope...
Using SignalR Base Classes in Angular
Eric Ditter Eric Ditter  |  
Mar 06, 2018
On one of my previous projects I used SignalR extensively in an Angular 1.6 application, and I was using the angular-signalr-hub library to integrate it into the application. It worked very well, but I am moving to the next version of Angular so I wanted to find a way to do it without having to...
Azure Backup Simplifies Your Cloud Backup and Recovery Strategy
Erik Dempsey Erik Dempsey  |  
Feb 27, 2018
We recently started implementing Azure Backup here at Skyline, and I was tasked with digging into the service to find out capabilities, costs, retention, etc. I have to say, after all the research, lab work, testing, and move to production, I could not be happier with all the different options...
How to Use .NET Core CLI to Create a Multi-Project Solution
Ben Buhr Ben Buhr  |  
Feb 20, 2018
.NET Core has been around for a while (over three years if you count the release candidates). Over that time, the framework and tooling around it has evolved rapidly. I remember starting work on a new ASP.NET Core website back when the framework was in its first release candidate. At that time...
The High Cost of Doing Nothing
Jason Muenster Jason Muenster  |  
Feb 08, 2018
Being in the consulting world and working with companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries, I’ve often found that our biggest competition isn’t another consulting company that proposes a better solution or a lower price, but rather a client’s decision to simply do nothing. There are surely...
Getting Started with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
Sarah Otto Sarah Otto  |  
Feb 01, 2018
Throughout 2017, Microsoft has been releasing updates to the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) - a new client-side development experience to customize SharePoint’s Modern Experience. At Skyline, we’ve been experiencing the changing development landscape as it takes shape. Recently, I was lucky to have...
Is Your Company Ready for the AI Revolution?
Tim Morrow Tim Morrow  |  
Jan 30, 2018
At Skyline, we like to stay on top of the latest technology trends so we can help you maximize potential areas of growth for your company. The 2018 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which highlights the newest products and industry trends, just wrapped up in Las Vegas. One of the hottest trends to...
100% Customer Retention Isn’t Easy, But We Did It and So Can You
Mitch Weckop Mitch Weckop  |  
Jan 23, 2018
Retaining customers is so important that decades of research on customer experience has led to numerous ways to assess a company’s relationship with its customers.Net Promoter Score Net promoter score is an example of this, where via a survey a cross section of customers are asked about their...
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