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How’s Your Scrum Game? The Benefits of Playing Standup Poker
Kari Vondracek Kari Vondracek  |  
Oct 17, 2017
Is your team hesitant to engage during standup meetings? Is the sprint not going as well as it could, but the team is not sharing information? Do your standup meetings seem to be on auto-pilot? (“This is what I did yesterday, here is what I am doing today, yup I am good thanks. NEXT!”) If you...
The Many Powers of Redux Dev Tools
Jeremiah Billmann Jeremiah Billmann  |  
Oct 12, 2017
This blog post is loosely based on a talk, “A Time Traveling Tale of Immutability and the Many Powers of Redux”, that I gave at That Conference this year.Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. “Predictable” being the key word here as Redux also lays the groundwork for...
How to Build Mobile Navigation for Desktop with only HTML and CSS
Melanie Lenaghan Melanie Lenaghan  |  
Oct 10, 2017
Desktop website navigation comes in a variety of flavors, but you typically see it as a list of labels positioned horizontally across the top of the screen with sub labels that drop down on hover or click.  This type of navigation is what people are familiar and comfortable with. You can’t argue...
"Hey Google, How Do I Create Actions for the Home?"
Michael Fazio Michael Fazio  |  
Oct 05, 2017
Welcome to the Google Home! Google released the Home late in 2016 to choruses of "Isn't that the same as the Echo?" and "Wait, is that an air freshener?" Yet, when people finally got their hands on it, they quickly realized how many features it has and what they could do with it. You can get...
Ignite 2017 from a SharePoint perspective
Eric VanRoy Eric VanRoy  |  
Oct 04, 2017
I attended Ignite 2017 this year. The conference was so huge that even with just focusing on SharePoint-related items (of which there were over 70 sessions) I was still only able to attend a fraction of what was available. The ones I did attend where so packed with information and announcements...
Important Power BI Gateway Update Required by November 1st, 2017
Scott Hietpas Scott Hietpas  |  
Sep 28, 2017
The on-premises data gateway is the key component for access to on-premises data sources for Power BI (as well as PowerApps, Flow, and more). It is best practice to update the on-premises data gateway to ensure you are always on the latest version. If you are not doing regular updates, there is...
The Business Value of Data Visualization
Josh Pinsonneault Josh Pinsonneault  |  
Sep 21, 2017
Data is abundant everywhere in our lives whether we’re at work, school, or at home. However, data “in the wild” is often raw and insights can be lost without visualization. When faced with many different data points, it can be difficult for our minds to effectively process and intuitively...
That Conference 2017 - Robotics / IoT Lab Recap
Ben Gavin Ben Gavin  |  
Sep 14, 2017
That Conference 2017 has come and gone, another rousing success, That Robotics / IoT Lab gave attendees another chance to experiment with Vex IQ, Raspberry Pi and Arduino compatible boards. How did things go, and what would we do differently next time?This year I was blessed with the opportunity...
10 Use Cases for Each Analytics Measurement
Scott Wanless Scott Wanless  |  
Sep 07, 2017
Analytics is among the hottest initiatives for organizations in any industry, but the challenge is prioritization. Often, prioritization is based on feasibility of data availability, political influence of the requestor, or simply first-come, first-served. The benefits of data analytics are...
Data-Driven Decisions Avoid the Pitfalls of Intuition
Scott Hietpas Scott Hietpas  |  
Aug 31, 2017
After playing a dice game the other night, I started stacking dice on top of each other. I started to place each die a bit over the edge of the previous one, and I became curious to know how far the stacked dice could overhang the original die.  What seemed like a simple question became far more...
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