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Scripting Your Migration to Skype Online with CloudPBX and Skype Conferencing from Lync Server 2013 On Premises
Andrew Schwalbe Andrew Schwalbe  |  
Aug 17, 2017
One of the hardest parts of moving to the cloud can be the sheer volume of work to be performed in configuring user accounts and updating account licensing details. For large corporations, automation is the first and most logical answer. However for SMBs, automation of these types of tasks...
Enabling a Digital Workplace: How to make progress on the worst performers
Libby Fisette Libby Fisette  |  
Aug 10, 2017
The Digital Workplace Group published their Digital Workplace Maturity Benchmark Insights last week. These benchmarks help organizations develop their overall digital workplace goals and achieve them. Making the list of "worst performing areas" were Workflow, Process Improvement, Branding and...
Mile of Music App Showcases Exciting New Features
John Ptacek John Ptacek  |  
Aug 02, 2017
Mile of Music is upon us! Just in time, we have added some new features to the mobile app we want to share with everyone. Let’s dive in!Artists The best part about the Mile of Music festival is discovering new artists. Each year we try to make this an important part of the application. Artists...
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How Skyline Helps Create Vibrant Communities in Wisconsin
Mitch Weckop Mitch Weckop  |  
Jul 28, 2017
Our mission at Skyline is to positively impact people and the communities where we live and work. Why? Because we believe that healthy communities are good for everyone. Our associates are a passionate group of people both at work and at home. They participate on boards for schools, churches...
My First Time at MS Inspire
Josh Pinsonneault Josh Pinsonneault  |  
Jul 20, 2017
This week I attended my first Microsoft conference, the 2017 MS Inspire conference, held in Washington, DC. This conference was attended by over 18,000 partners across the globe and was an incredible experience.  The week was filled with great opportunities to network, learn, and adapt, as...
Microsoft Inspire 2017 Recap
Mitch Weckop Mitch Weckop  |  
Jul 13, 2017
Microsoft Inspire is the annual event for Microsoft Partners. 18,000 people from around the globe attend, and this year it was held in Washington DC.  The week is composed of a daily keynote speech by a Microsoft executive, followed by hundreds of learning sessions.  The topics of these...
Haven't I Seen You Before? Fuzzy Grouping Your Datasets for Data Deduplication
Jared Kuehn Jared Kuehn  |  
Jun 20, 2017
If you’ve been reading my earlier posts regarding Fuzzy logic (See the end of this blog for links), you would know that I am usually talking about Fuzzy Lookups, taking two sets of data and comparing them to find similarities. Did you know that you can perform the same analysis on a single data...
The Bug Not Forgotten
Blayne Roselle Blayne Roselle  |  
Jun 12, 2017
When interviewing QA candidates, one of the questions I like to ask is: ‘What is the most memorable bug you have found?’ It still surprises me that candidates can either not come up with a response or I receive some unoriginal phrase like “I’ve found so many bugs, I just can’t choose one” or...
My Memory is a Little Fuzzy: Things I Want to Remember When Setting Up Fuzzy Lookups
Jared Kuehn Jared Kuehn  |  
Jun 08, 2017
In my last post, I explained why I would want to use Fuzzy Lookups for my various matching needs. Now I want to explain the how: How does one set up a Fuzzy Lookup so that it helps solve my data quality problems? The simple answer is that I use the available SSIS Fuzzy Lookup component in a Data...
Microsoft Build 2017 Day 3 Recap
Brandon Martinez Brandon Martinez  |  
May 13, 2017
Day three of Microsoft Build 2017 did not have a keynote, but that doesn’t mean it ends without content to fill the day. Today will be focused on sessions, “The Hub”, and catching some of the Channel 9 Live production happening right here at the conference. Here’s a recap of the day.Sessions The...
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