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Most Promising Ways to Improve Website Design and Development
Axel Larsen Axel Larsen  |  
May 24, 2018
I recently had the privilege of attending Smashing Conference in San Francisco. Filled with many like-minded developers and designers, Smashing Conference brought together an excellent lineup of some of the most promising ways to improve how we design and develop websites. It was a great way to...
Web Development
4 Mental Models of an Effective Business Analyst
Eric Vandenberg Eric Vandenberg  |  
May 22, 2018
When was the last time you dealt with a complex and unfamiliar situation? During your last project? Last week? This morning? The key function of business analysis is to introduce and manage change in an organization. As Business Analysts, our job is to guide our stakeholders through complex and...
Business Analysis
12 Questions to Elicit Business Intelligence Requirements
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
May 15, 2018
I have been a business analyst for a long time, but I haven’t often been tasked with gathering business intelligence (BI) reporting requirements. My most recent assignment is heavily focused on this, and now I realize there are some distinct differences between gathering reporting requirements...
Business IntelligenceBusiness Analysis
Utilizing Azure Regions
Tyler Stelzer Tyler Stelzer  |  
May 08, 2018
Often when people hear Azure, they think “cloud”. But they should be thinking “clouds”. Azure has datacenters across the world that can be thought of as independent clouds. This gives organizations multiple options when determining the best utilization of a cloud-based architecture. Some common...
WinForms Fluid Design - A Cautionary Tale
Jeff Lucas Jeff Lucas  |  
May 01, 2018
As a developer, you can find yourself digging into all sorts of code, even the occasional WinForms application.  WinForms come with a lot of handy features that can make fluid design quite simple, allowing your forms to be resized by the user but still hold the basic shape you desire without a...
What Skillsets are Needed to Maintain a CMS Website?
Marla Krause Marla Krause  |  
Apr 24, 2018
Most people realize they need to understand SEO. But what most don't realize is that they need to understand, to some degree, how a webpage is built to be able to maintain their website. If you're working with a CMS (Content Management System), like Kentico, Sitecore or even WordPress, the CMS...
Content Management SystemWeb Development
The Transformative Value of DevOps
Bob Schommer Bob Schommer  |  
Apr 17, 2018
By now, you have probably heard the hype about DevOps. You or someone in your department either went to a conference, read an article, or had a beer with someone who is doing it. If everyone else is “doing DevOps”, shouldn’t you be doing it, too?  Before you jump on the bandwagon, let’s try to...
How to Use Azure Search Services
Steven Nelson Steven Nelson  |  
Apr 10, 2018
Azure has a unique service offering aptly named “Azure Search”. This is a search-as-a-service cloud solution that lets you add a rich search service to your apps. The search service abstracts the complexities of document retrieval through both a REST API and a .NET SDK. Imagine, if you will, the...
Azure.Net Programming
7 Ways to Solve Top Content Management Pain Points
Melanie Lenaghan Melanie Lenaghan  |  
Apr 03, 2018
Many of our clients come to us because they have frustrations managing their website. Here are some of the most common pain points we hear:Our CMS (content management system) is too complicatedI do not know HTMLI’m not sure how to manage SEO dataI don’t want to wait for our IT to have time to...
Fuzzy Lookup for Business Users: Excel Add-In Makes It Possible
Jared Kuehn Jared Kuehn  |  
Mar 27, 2018
Until recently, my experience with fuzzy logic was deep in IT-driven data flows. That’s all well and good for IT professionals, but it leaves business users high and dry. Aside from learning IT tools, can business users have a tool that allows them to build their own fuzzy lookup solutions? The...
Business Intelligence
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