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Dec. 8th Kicks Off the 12 Blogs of Christmas!

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Dec 08, 2014

‘Tis the season for giving! Skyline has lined up a 12 day schedule to give you informational blogs over this Holiday season. Check out our blog every weekday now through Christmas Day!  View our schedule below and we’ll add new links to the latest blog posts each day!

December 8th – Day One:  Plan Your Holiday Party Use Project Management Techniques
December 9th – Day Two:  Refining Santa's Route with Web Workers and Angularfire
December 10th – Day Three:  Sending Presents Down the Chimney with Responsive Design
December 11th – Day Four:  How Long Until Santa is Here?
December 12th – Day Five:  12 Days of Christmas Mac
December 15th – Day Six:  Christmas Kinect
December 16th – Day Seven:  Give Santa what he really wants this year, mobile dashboards with Datazen
December 17th – Day Eight:  Packages, Packages, and More Packages...
December 18th – Day Nine:  On the 9th Day of Christmas Santa Gave to Me, The World’s Greatest Marketing Strategy
December 19th – Day Ten:   Getting Through the Holiday Backlog
December 22nd – Day Eleven:  What I got for Christmas - Blog Site
December 23rd – Day Twelve:  Twelve Wishes

Happy Holidays from the associates at Skyline Technologies!


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