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Top 4 Reasons to Attend WI BADD 2019

Shannon Pagels Shannon Pagels  |  
Mar 21, 2019
WI BADD® (pronounced ”we bad”) is the annual Wisconsin Business Analyst Development Day held every May in Madison, Wisconsin (This year’s event will be held on May 15-16.) We are excited to again be sponsors and speakers at this event. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of attending, and then go to to register before April 4 to get your early bird discount.

Workshop Day Added

The 2019 WI BADD event has expanded to include an optional workshop day on the afternoon of May 15. This is in response to attendee feedback and requests for more in-depth learning opportunities. Participants will have the opportunity to attend one of the following 3-hour workshops:
  • Let’s Get Serious About User Stories
  • Bringing Design Thinking Into Your Practice
  • Business Analysis Boot Camp: Model and Write Requirements
  • The Business Analyst Success Path: How to Create Your Dream Job Using the Laws of Success

Agents of Change

The theme for WI BADD 2019 is "Agents of Change" because business analysis professionals are focused on initiating and facilitating change within an organization. But even our own roles are changing: traditional Business Analysts are evolving and expanding into product ownership or management, data analysis, and leadership roles such as Scrum master.

My Top 4 Reasons You Should Attend WI BADD®:


#1. The Variety of Breakout Session Topics

There is something for everyone at WI BADD. Interested in learning more about managing change, Agile product ownership, big data, communicating in the multigenerational office, or addressing Scrum in your organization? You are in luck! In addition to the Wednesday afternoon workshop options, participants can choose from a wide variety of breakout one-hour session topics on May 16.
To help plan your day, sessions are categorized into five tracks:
  1. Organizational Transformation
  2. Rethinking Business Models
  3. Strategic Analysis and Design
  4. High-Impact Techniques
  5. Visionary Leadership
To help you make your selections, sessions are designated with a target career level.

#2. Engaging and Knowledgeable Speakers

Admittedly, I am biased about the speakers. Skyline Technologies colleagues have presented at WI BADD for several years, and Rachel Wilterdink and Jen Kalz are on the schedule this year. Other speakers include Angela Wick (Founder, BA Squared), Bob Prentiss (Bob the BA), Jared Gorai (Director, Regions and Chapters at IIBA), and Laura Brandenburg (Founder, Bridging the Gap).
A highlight of the event is the keynote address being presented this year by Kupe Kupersmith. Kupe has a talent of combining laughter with learning. He will entertain while sharing next generation business competencies to help us make faster, better decisions.

To learn more about Kupe and all the presenters, visit

#3. Networking, Networking, Networking

WI BADD provides numerous opportunities to network with other BA and IT professionals. In my experience, I have learned almost as much from the fellow attendees as I have from the presenters. Participating in discussion during presentations provides insight you may not have considered and ideas for a new way to approach your work. Chatting with attendees during breaks can create connections in the industry that continue far beyond the event itself.
Considering a career change or pursuing a degree/certification? There are several IT firms and business schools represented - all of which are eager to talk about the opportunities they offer. If you like free stuff (and who doesn’t?) bring along your business cards to exchange for treats and swag.

#4. Recharge Your BA Battery

We all enjoy a day or two off to recharge physically and mentally. Think of WI BADD as a way to add tools to your toolbelt and recharge your BA battery. Most work weeks do not allow for 8 (or more) hours solely dedicated to career development. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore skills you can add to your BA practice.

Still Undecided? 

I have one more reason to attend WI BADD 2019: the food! Seriously, wear your stretchy pants because the food is a checkmark in the pro column.
For more information on WI BADD® or IIBA®, visit the following sites:
Registration is now open, and the early bird discount runs through April 4. I hope to see you this May at WI BADD 2019!
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