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Relying Too Much On Tools and Technology (Agile Transformation Pain Point #9)

Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Nov 01, 2018
There are some wonderful tools out there, but you could literally just start with sticky notes on wall, especially if you're co-located.

If you aren’t co-located and are dispersed, that makes it quite a bit more challenging. But there are some tools that you can leverage to make that a bit easier. Once you've got the board down using the concept of Kanban columns for your product backlog, and sprint backlog, you can move the sticky notes across the board. It's fun, and there's something very cathartic about moving a sticky note to that done column, and you can jump up and down and have a celebration.
relying too much on tools and technology

Recommended digital tools

There are many great digital tools out there like Kanbanflow, Leankit, and Trello. There are also some other tools out there like Fun Retrospectives that can give you good ideas to keep your retrospectives fresh and avoid stagnating. There are also tons of requirements management tools. My favorite is Microsoft VSTS (pictured), but I've also used Jira.
digital kanban board

Avoid Excel for large project backlogs

I advise you to not do your backlog in Excel if you have a large project because it’s going to get unwieldy pretty darn quick. I would look at something more robust. But if you have a small project, there's nothing that says you can't just have your backlog on a spreadsheet. Also, there's a fun tool for doing your planning pokerwith dispersed teams that lets you flip all your cards at the same time.

Get a collaboration tool

Ideally, you should also get a collaboration tool like SharePoint, Slack or Microsoft Teams. That's another key piece of technology that can help you if you’re going to be agile.

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