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7 Key Takeaways from Kentico Connections 2019

Melanie Lenaghan Melanie Lenaghan  |  
Oct 10, 2019
Last week I spent two packed days attending Kentico Connections 2019 to learn what mid-size to enterprise businesses should be aware of heading into 2020.
We got an overview of the Kentico Roadmap regarding EMS and Kentico Kontent (formerly Kentico Cloud). And the highlight was the announcement of Kentico 2020, dubbed as Phoenix. Phoenix will focus on reusable content (in place of linked pages), a user-friendly marketing automation setup, automatic routing for URLs, AI recommendations, and a Kentico voice interface (KEVIN).
Of the many things I learned last week, 7 major themes were repeatedly emphasized.

1. The importance of transitioning from Portal to MVC

Don’t fall behind! The Kentico Portal Engine runs on ASP.NET Web Forms. Microsoft is moving away from ASP.NET Web Forms and transitioning into ASP.NET MVC (and ASP.NET Core MVC). The Web Forms technology is not compatible with the new .NET Core framework. Kentico recognizes this and therefore is making the transition.

2. Content is (still) key

I know this sounds generic, but content is key for so many reasons. Foremost, your clients are looking for information to solve a problem, so you need to make sure you are giving them what they want. On top of that, you need to be thinking about content in the eyes of search bots. Meta data, open graph tags,, and other SEO factors all need to be considered.

3. Personalized content

We’ve all been spoiled with personalized content whether it’s product recommendations on Amazon, tailored playlists on Pandora, or customized show recommendations on Netflix. Your users may not realize it, but they expect the same personalized experience on your site. Don’t just collect user data for the sake of collecting data. Use it to enhance the customer experience.

4. Content lifecycle

Instead of drastically changing your content all at once, focus on changes over time. Lifecycles are about transformations. Don’t think in terms of a deadline when it comes to content, but remember to evolve your content over time to adapt to changes in user behavior, your industry, the economy, etc.

5. Customer journey

Evaluate your customer’s needs, set some goals, make sure your content aligns with those goals. If your analytics shows dropping conversions or high exit rates, you know there are gaps in your content.

6. Security!

No surprise here. I think we can all agree security must not be overlooked – especially with all the news stories of compromised websites. (There is such a thing as bad publicity after all.)

7. ADA Compliance

This topic has been near and dear to my heart. Any clients we spoke to in the last year or so has expressed the importance of accessibility. I could (and plan to) write a whole blog just on this topic. More to come….

EMS or Kentico Kontent?

Kentico sees their EMS being a fit when a business is looking for an all-in-one Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that requires content management, eCommerce, and online marketing. If you don’t need all those features, they see Kentico Kontent being a fit when you need an easy way to manage content that can feed to many channels.
Mike Wills from BlueModus invited a client on stage to explain why they chose Kentico and how they landed on Kentico Kontent. Their client chose Kentico because it is .NET, it is relevant on the magic quadrant, scalable, and supported by Kentico and numerous partners. They eventually went down the headless path with Kentico Kontent because they felt it was future-proof since it decouples the CMS from the web presentation, it's beyond just the web, and it was the best way for them to bring content to their customers.
It was interesting to hear a real-life example from a company making that decision.

A lot to think about

I may have breezed over the topics covered throughout the week. The presenters dove into detail on each of these topics. But detail aside, what I found most valuable and interesting is the repetition and themes. It gave me some things to think about on my flight home. I already jumped into this week thinking how we can use this information to empower our clients.
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