Why should you join Skyline?

Every year, hundreds of people like yourself apply to Skyline for many reasons beyond our competitive pay and excellent benefits. They feel part of something special; they feel empowered; they feel a sense of balance; and they have fun. But that kind of culture is no accident. We cultivate it by hiring thoughtful and passionate technologists who care about our values and live them out. So, why should you join our growing team? Our associates say it best

We Do What’s Right

"People flex up for our clients when needed, and our company flexes for us when needed. This balance over the long haul is very important. I have worked at companies that ask people to flex (i.e. - work nights and weekends during a launch), but the opposite doesn't occur if I have to take my kid to the doctor. One-way doesn't work, but here at Skyline it is two-way."

“Skyline associates have a strong tendency to put themselves in their clients' or fellow associates' shoes when making decisions. This almost always leads to 'getting it right' for everyone involved.”

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We Make it Fun

"People around here are so fun to work with, they’re engaged, and no one is above any kind of work. Everyone pitches in. Even our CEO serves. These are the people you want to hang out with even after a long day."

"Skyline is a group of caring, intelligent people who want to work together and skip a lot of the corporate B.S."

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Relationships Matter

"At one point when I was swamped, Mitch (CEO) asked how I was doing, When I explained I was tired and just put in a ton of work, his first question was, ‘When will that stop?’ It was not ‘good job’; he wanted to know when it would get back to normal. I felt important that he was putting people first."

"Relationships Matter. Those around me don't solely value me in terms of my work output. Other organizations simply look for 'butts in seats,' but our associates seem to truly care about each other."

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We Work as a Team & Win as a Team

"We actually like each other, and want each other grow and be better together. We also challenge each other professionally, and help wherever and whenever needed. We are open and eager to receive feedback so we can collectively improve."

"We are very respectful to each other and talk enough to keep up good personal and professional relationships."

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We are Dedicated to Client Success

"We are very honest and transparent with customers. I've been in other organizations where messaging to clients might be manipulated to get a desired outcome, and that process is called 'positioning' and looked at as just an artful form of negotiating. While it might be effective, it isn't always in their best interests. I have never experienced anything like that here, which makes me feel good."

"At Skyline you can focus on doing good work for your client, do work you enjoy, learn new skills, balance your work and personal responsibilities, and to do it within a culture of respect and continual growth."

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Endless Curiosity is Encouraged

"I’m able to be innovative and to collaborate with best and brightest technology and consulting practitioners."

"Skyline has an ongoing commitment to learning that enables individuals to improve current skills and learn new ones."

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If you're passionate about technology like us, we invite you to join us in doing work that really matters.