The Skyline Way is what guides us and makes us accountable to ourselves and each other. We each have a responsibility to live it every day in all we do. These are not just words on paper; they are the core of who we are. Together, we make Skyline great – by making The Skyline Way our own.

Do What's Right
Speaking the truth, delivering on our promises, and having the courage to acknowledge mistakes and do whatever is needed to address them. Doing what is ethical, honest, and "right" even when no one is watching.
Relationships Matter
Approaching all people with respect, humility, confidence and energy. Confronting issues, not people. Investing time to actively engage with people on a personal level. Treating others as a person and as you would want to be treated. Knowing we have each other's support and best interests at heart, in everything we say and do.
Dedicated to Client Success
Having such a strong personal commitment to client success, to keeping your promises, and to taking responsibility for your actions, that you will do what is needed, easy or not. 
Endless Curiosity
Never being satisfied with only what you know today; a thirst to learn throughout life and grow both personally and professionally.
Love Work and Life
Rejecting the idea of putting in time at work and then escaping to life to be happy. The belief that "work/life balance" doesn't always have to be an "either or" situation. Work and life is about flexibility and a commitment to both.
Work as a Team, Win as a Team
Knowing we are in this together and how we respond to obstacles is what truly defines teamwork. We help each other succeed, we rally together, and we celebrate success.
Make it Fun
We know the secret to never working a day in your life is loving what you do. We have important jobs that require a lot from us, but laughter, fun and a positive environment can make all the difference. While we work hard, we play just as hard – because it brings out the best in us.