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Responding to New Standards - Enticing Website Visitors with an Impactful Product Experience.

Business Situation

The new website needed to deliver impactful imagery and messaging that impelled visitors to choose Agri-Fab. Visitors also needed an easy way to find Agri-Fab products, retailers and dealers. Analytics showed a high percentage of visitors using mobile devices, thus a mobile option needed to be addressed. And lastly, Agri-Fab wanted a site which they could maintain themselves. 



  • A Responsive web site,, is designed to provide optimal viewing by properly displaying content on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones; a single web site developed to respond to any device.
  • The site features full screen product images to deliver a rich experience to website visitors. The products became the superstar of this site and users could quickly and easily identify what they were searching for through the incorporation of visual navigation.
  • Simple messaging and visuals made it easy for visitors to understand the features and benefits of each product while also providing helpful Video Instruction Guides and a location aware retailer/dealer locator.
  • Easy site maintenance was made possible by a convenient Content Management Solution.


Powerful Site Management
Built upon DNN, the powerful Content Management System allows non-IT personnel to add or update content on the website. Site content is now managed through an easy interface allowing complete control of site content.

Responsive Design
Skyline Technologies developed a web site that responds to all devices, Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. The design provides consistent message on all devices while maintaining a single source of content.

Award Winning
The Agri-Fab, Inc. website won the national Graphic Design USA magazine award for Responsive Website Design for 2013. The American Graphic Design Awards has emerged as one of the most prestigious graphic communication contests in the U.S. and Skyline is honored to be recognized for our work.
  • The Agri-Fab web site was built on the DNN Content Management Solution platform. The site features visual navigation, video instruction guides, and Google Maps integration.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 was used for all custom development enhancements to the DNN framework. The user experience was enhanced with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery to develop a responsive designed site, while Microsoft SQL Server 2008 was implemented as the data storage of choice.
  • Responsive design, responsive images (right size for right device) were implemented for single source content management and multi-device display. The site can be viewed on desktop, tablets, and mobile phone browsers.