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Cloud Based, Inventory Management Data Warehouse

Business Situation

Inventory management is a key component of the client’s operations. Our client was searching for a way to combine internal operational data with a very large external customer demographics dataset. Their goal was to create a unique business intelligence (BI) solution that would proactively determine optimal part assortments for their dealer network based on customer distribution across the country and the specific requirements of the systems owned by those customers.
Several factors combined to make this a challenging problem:

  • The significant size of the demographic dataset (over a billion unique records)
  • The need to incorporate sales and equipment specification data housed in the organization’s enterprise data warehouse (EDW)
  • The need to quickly test and prove the viability of the proposed data hypothesis
  • The desire to avoid purchasing expensive servers
  • All of this without having to involve capacity-constrained internal IT resources, including the database administrators responsible for maintaining the existing EDW
Skyline was engaged to advise on potential technology architectures and ultimately, to build a BI solution that would help their product managers derive new insights on ideal stocking levels and part variety.

Technologies Used

Microsoft Azure  Microsoft Azure
Microsoft PowerBI  Power BI
azure sql data warehouse  Azure SQL Data Warehouse (Big Data)