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Ministry Health Care


Focusing on Long-Term Outcomes

Business Situation

The strategic management group at Ministry Health Care (now Ascension) needed a hybrid scorecard/dashboard that collated progress towards organizational performance goals. The progress towards meeting each organizational goal was being measured by tracking many different key performance indicators (KPIs) that related to the overarching goal. The data underlying these KPIs came from many different entities through many sources, formats and geographical locations.

Ministry wanted a way to present all of the information in a real-time single report that summarized the progress towards each goal across the fiscal year, and allowed the user to drill down to the entity level and back up to the regional and corporate level. Finally, they needed to be able to view the dashboard on their corporate intranet as well as on mobile devices and tablets.



  • Skyline collaborated with the Ministry Health Care Business Intelligence Team and an ad hoc group of Ministry Health Care leaders to design the Vital Signs system to support disparate sources of data. Data is automatically extracted from systems within the organization that have open interfaces. For those that don’t, users can manually upload metric data.
  • A quality check system was developed for data that is manually uploaded. A background process validates data after it is entered and, based on various business rules identified, notifies end-users via email when problems are detected.
  • Validated KPI data is massaged into a data repository that has a common format for all KPIs, including metadata that defines how the metrics should be presented visually.
  • The intranet-based dashboard and the forthcoming mobile application utilize the data repository to present the user with the ability to pick and choose which level of the organization they want to monitor.
  • custom subscription system allows users to receive weekly or monthly delivery of the dashboard data in a PDF format directly to their inbox—customized to the organizational entities they are interested in monitoring.


Visibility Drives Improvement
For Ministry Health Care, Vital Signs provides a “single source of truth” for organizational performance. It gives all associates, from leadership to staff level, access to the most up-to-date performance metrics which ensures that they are all focused on the same things and improves organizational communication. Leaders have easy and timely access to performance information to help make sound decisions regarding focus and resources for improvement, ensuring their team members are all pulling in the same direction. Vital Signs makes it easy to see how the organizational goals cascade from the system-level to the business units.

Data Quality and Integrity
Ministry is tracking over 25 different KPIs across 20 different hospital and clinic groups and well over 30 clinics within 5 different geographic regions. The Vital Signs dashboard solution has improved the quality and integrity of their massive amount of data. The system has created ownership and accountability for Data Owners to report their results accurately and on time so the rest of the organization can readily access it. Furthermore, the dashboard is the single source used for all performance reporting to boards, councils, and the leadership teams, which has led to increased scrutiny and overall improved data quality.

Reduced Administration
Prior to the Vital Signs dashboard, Ministry’s Vital Signs area leaders spent hours of time each month gathering, compiling and reporting results from various data owners throughout the organization. Ministry’s Vital Signs dashboard provides one single source for data and allows data owners to input their information streamlining the process. Additionally, leaders are spending less time fielding data-related questions - which can now go directly to the data owners. Finally, minimal time is being spent creating “special” reports as users have the ability to pull the reports they need directly from the dashboard.