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Palmer Johnson Power Systems ERP Migration

Palmer Johnson Power Systems

Business Situation

Palmer Johnson is a distributor of powertrain components for the off-highway industry. In order to increase data security and allow for future scalability, the CFO commissioned Skyline to manage an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) migration project. 

Migrating to the cloud would drastically reduce the need for IT assets within Palmer Johnson’s facility and provide better performance and reliable backups with less maintenance time and without large upfront costs. The company’s former hardware-based system required large annual or biannual expenses in order to increase storage space or improve performance and speed. For example, adding a 200 GB virtual machine to increase storage would cost at least $35,000 and result in unused bandwidth. Spikes of that magnitude complicated fiscal planning, rather than supporting an incremental, efficient purchase of additional space as needed.

Technologies Used

Azure Automation Services
Azure Back up
Azure Site Recovery
Azure Storage & Cold Storage
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Networking