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SharePoint and Office 365 Business Support Package

Skyline's SharePoint and Office 365 Business Support Package provided Eirich Machines with access to skilled consultants that implemented SharePoint and Office 365 features that accelerated time-to-solution with minimal configuration to improve communications, document storage, and automation.


Business Situation

After their initial implementation of SharePoint on Office 365, Eirich Machines wasn’t quite sure how to best leverage all of the new functionality that was available to them.

Some of the business challenges Eirich Machines was encountering included:
  • Document collaboration with external customers and suppliers
  • Secured file sharing solution to communicate with external customers
  • Making documents easy to find for their internal users
  • Documents were still stored across a mix of SharePoint Online and an on premises file share 
In addition, Eirich Machines did not have a large IT staff or a large budget, so it was imperative that any solutions proposed leveraged out-of-the-box functionality.


Through Skyline’s SharePoint and Office 365 Business Support Package, Skyline assisted Eirich Machines in identifying and prioritizing their business needs and then provided the technical specialists with a deep knowledge of SharePoint and Office 365. 

Throughout the engagement, Eirich Machines had a single point of contact with access to a variety of different SharePoint and Office 365 specialists, providing Eirich Machines with benefit of the vast number of experiences our consultants have across a variety of use cases and industries.

In this case, Skyline’s associate provided the following after learning about how Eirich Machines interacted with their internal employees and external customers and suppliers:
  • Explained the differences between Microsoft’s Office 365 E1 and E5 licensing to the customer and guided the customer in making the right decision regarding their Office 365 licensing. 
  • Consolidated the content stored in their existing on premises file shares and SharePoint Online into a handful of document centers (an out-of-the-box SharePoint solution for large document repositories) that made key documents easy to find for internal users.
  • Created a customer portal to provide a centralized collaboration area for internal and external users to efficiently communicate and store common documents. Additional benefits include archiving capabilities, reducing redundant data for both internal and external users, and having a secure storage area for both parties to store files.
  • Leveraged SharePoint Designer to create an automated workflow that automatically deletes the customer folders 48 hours after their initial creating to create a safe, short term sharing solution  
  • Developed an IT help desk ticketing system through the use of InfoPath forms, SharePoint lists, e-mail notifications, workflows, and views for the various user roles. 
  • Provided training and mentoring to Eirich around the following topics:
    • SharePoint Admin Center in Office 365
    • Information Architecture and Strategic Site Provisioning
    • SharePoint Designer Workflows
    • Out-of-the-box Web Part Capabilities
    • Metadata
    • Permissions
    • InfoPath Forms


At the completion of the project, Eirich Machines is now self-sufficient and is able to create and maintain solutions for their business needs by leveraging out-of-the-box SharePoint and Office 365 functionality. Furthermore, Eirich Machines now has the knowledge and confidence to continue implementing additional features to further develop their environment.