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The Appleton Group


Changing the Way the World Invests

Business Situation

The Appleton Group, an independent Registered Investment Advisor developed a proprietary trading methodology based on simple moving averages for Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). They used a series of spreadsheets to manually track fund data and perform calculations allowing them to determine a recommended trading strategy for individual ETFs.

Appleton Group wanted to build a financial management application for all types of investors where the tool provides the greatest insight into a managed philosophy based on years of experience and market trends.
The clearTREND® app helped The Appleton Group grow their business and gain new clients in a cost-effective way. 



  • The clearTREND® app automated the process of capturing current and historical data for the ETFs Appleton Group wanted to analyze and/or trade. The application replaced the existing manual spreadsheets they used to track the data, drastically reducing the amount of time and work involved.
  • clearTREND is an investment research app that helps keep your portfolio on the right side of the market. Available for both desktop and mobile devices, clearTREND analyzes price movements for a nearly endless number of investment securities including ETFs, mutual funds, individual stocks and market indexes. clearTREND calculates which time periods are best to consider when making investment decisions, and recommends timely adjustments to your investments when those trends have turned.
  • After each trading day, clearTREND pulls the latest market data from Xignite – a leading provider of market data cloud solutions – for the securities being tracked and applies Appleton Group’s patent pending formula to the latest data to provide users with trade recommendations.
  • clearTREND works to significantly reduce the investment risk associated with investing. Appleton Group’s measured portfolio risk is 45.2% less than a typical “buy and hold” unmanaged investment strategy and their success rate in generating profits per trade is 68.2%. To learn more about clearTREND visit To learn more about The Appleton Group visit


Azure is Cost Effective
Hosting in Azure provides the ability to rapidly scale in any direction, up or down, making capacity a nonissue. Deploying across six Azure instances gives Appleton Group high flexibility, yet maintains a low overhead cost. By using redundant instances for each of the roles we can ensure 99.5% uptime for clearTREND. Using Azure Marketplace to make clearTREND commercially available allowed Appleton Group to go to market without adding additional infrastructure or staff. Azure Marketplace handles the e-commerce aspects of the product like credit card processing, PCI compliance and account management so Appleton Group can focus resources on value-added clearTREND features

Business Growth 
Appleton Group wanted to expand their service offerings and launch new portfolio strategies. With the addition of clearTREND they were able to launch eight new portfolio strategies in one year without adding any staff. Without clearTREND, they would have had to double their research and trading staff to facilitate this growth. In it’s first year, clearTREND contributed to business growth by: • Increasing account advisory revenue by 19% • Contributing $11.4 million in total investment gains • Bringing in $4.8 million in assets from new clients • Decreasing measured portfolio risk by 45.2% over a typical “buy and hold” unmanaged investment strategy.

New Clients and Markets
Appleton Group has identified three additional markets beyond their existing private clients.
  1. B2C – Individual investors who manage their own investments and understand the value of research tools to make fact-based investment decisions
  2. B2B Financial Institutions – Mutual fund managers and investment firms who are looking for better research engines to add to their decisionmaking toolkits.
  3. B2B – Any organization interested in the optimal trends of key indices like petroleum, corn, or gold. Many commodities can be extremely volatile. An understanding the optimal trends and when to buy could be highly beneficial to the bottom line.