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Custom Software Development Increases Sales by 35%

Business Situation

Committed to being the very best value-added distributor of products that vehicles consume in North America, U.S. AutoForce has a reputation for delivering unconventional, creative solutions that give their customers a competitive edge in the marketplace. Hearing that the dealer-facing market desired a tool that would better assist them in the sale and recommendation of tires to their customers, U.S. Venture sought a partner that could help them envision what’s possible to meet customer demands and grow into the dealership market in a meaningful way. 

U.S. Venture ultimately chose Skyline as their partner due to their past working relationship and proven track-record for success in developing solutions for a number of their other business units.

Technologies Used

Agile Project Methodology Agile Methodology 
Angular JS Angular JS
Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
Microsoft VSTS Microsoft VSTS