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App Stability Reduces Risk and Cost

Client Profile

The client is a global hygiene and manufacturing company with operations in over 100 countries.

Business Situation

The client’s application was in danger of becoming unstable and unusable. It was consuming an unusually high amount of memory, requiring the largest Azure VM server to support it. To save memory, redundancies and other fail-safes were reduced.

Staff were doing manual resets and manually recycling app tools to control memory utilization. Inconsistent architecture made it difficult to manage and maintain, threatening its long-term viability. To ensure long-term usability, the client asked Skyline to reduce the app's memory utilization by 15-30%.

Technologies Used

redis cache   Redis Cache Client
agile scrum   Scrum Practices
aspnet mvc logo   ASP.NET MVC (C#)
microsoft logo   Internet Information Services (IIS)
  Azure Blob Storage
  Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS)
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  • scrum practicesScrum Practices
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