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Fintech Startup Commercializes Internal Tool as a SaaS Product


Client Profile

clearTREND helps individual and professional investors identify and adjust to important market turns, leading to higher portfolio growth over time while avoiding excessive risks along the way. clearTREND is the world’s first commercialized, cloud-based trend engine. It accurately identifies market turns for thousands of investment vehicles, including individual stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, commodities, U.S. market sectors, and even whole countries.

Its parent company, The Appleton Group LLC, spent five years testing clearTREND by developing and managing several portfolios based exclusively on the clearTREND strategy. After five years, four of its five portfolios are ranked in top by Morningstar among hundreds of peers.

Business Situation

Skyline Technologies originally built clearTREND as an internal app to be exclusively used by The Appleton Group. It automated a strategy and algorithm they had been leveraging manually for many years to track approximately a dozen exchange-traded funds. The initial version of clearTREND enabled them to scale up to hundreds of securities.

After five years of continuous successful internal use with five Morningstar-rated investment portfolios, The Appleton Group was confident in its value and wanted to spin it off as a standalone Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. But commercializing an internal Line of Business app isn’t simply a matter of packaging; instead, it requires an entirely new approach…and that adds complexity.

"We knew we had something that was game-changing in the investment community, but our challenge was how to quickly and efficiently offer it to a lot of people. That’s why it was so important for us to build this on Azure. Thanks to this platform and Skyline’s expertise, clearTREND continues to get better and better, with more robust technology, faster calculation times, and dramatic scalability."

Mark Scheffler

Technologies Used

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azure Azure
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