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Manufacturer Overcomes COVID Disruptions with Augmented Reality

Systems Control

Client Profile

Systems Control is a leading fabricator of electrical control panels and control buildings for the utility power and controls industry.

Business Situation

COVID-19 completely disrupted how Systems Control differentiated their business. Their single biggest selling tool is having customers onsite for a Factory Tour or a Factory Acceptance Test to ensure their panels and buildings are being built to their specifications.

“Not having customers onsite limited our ability to differentiate from our competition. If you can’t see the environment where your buildings and panels are being produced, you may think we’re all the same,” said David Chiesa, Vice President of Business Development at Systems Control.

Systems Control invests a lot in their factory, and it instills confidence in their customers. But with COVID curtailing travel, they needed a remote solution that replicated their onsite tours and tests – or they risked having projects paused or canceled.

"This has been an unmitigated success. Being able to get customers back in the factory (virtually) with the HoloLens 2 has made an incredible difference. Skyline’s HoloLens solution has become a key differentiator for us to increase customer loyalty and nurture relationship with clients – even at a distance"

Brad Lebouef
Systems Control

Technologies Used

hololens HoloLens 2
dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
microsoft teams Teams