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Pierce Upgrades Critical App Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule

Pierce Manufacturing

Client Profile

Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of custom fire and rescue apparatus and a wholly owned subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation. Pierce is among the largest fire apparatus companies in the world.

Business Situation

In 2019, Pierce unveiled the 100’ Tower with a more agile truck length for easier positioning, weight-optimized design, shorter stopping distance and tighter turning radius. This made it a hit at trade shows nationwide. Soon, the orders were coming in – with many to be filled by September 2019.

To program their trucks, Pierce uses a custom-developed application named Synergy. It generates the program code that controls the apparatus electrical system. However, their new 100' Tower apparatus uses a new module that Synergy didn’t support. If Synergy wasn’t updated to support the new 100’ Towers, their engineers would have to spend 20 hours manually programming each tower instead of the usual four.

With dozens of orders to be filled by September, quadrupling programming time was an unacceptable risk. With their internal Synergy team occupied by an ERP project, and time running out, Pierce contacted Skyline for help because “we know Skyline has some of the best developers in the area,” said Greg Martin, Digital Technology Manager at Pierce. “We trust them to provide the right people to help us complete our projects.”

“I literally did nothing but sign some papers, and we were under budget and ahead of schedule. It was awesome.”

Greg Martin
Digital Technology Manager
Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.

Technologies Used

dotnet .NET 4.5
angular javascript Angular JS
c# C#
sql server SQL Server Reporting Services
web api Web API
Web Forms