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Prevea Health Website Rebuild Sets Them Up for Success

Prevea Health

Client Profile

Prevea Health is an integrated multi-specialty group with primary care providers and exceptional specialists in Green Bay, Sheboygan, Oconto and the Chippewa Valley.

Business Situation

Prevea Health came to Skyline because their previous was built on the Kentico CMS version 8.2. Some system documentation exists; however, there was not a comprehensive system document, CMS manual, or web standards. Managing the site became very difficult. The goal of is to convert non-patients into patients, at the organization and medical service levels. From a patient perspective the goal is to route current patients to the tools they need quickly and easily.

  • Upgrade to EMS Version 11
  • Integrate subsidiary websites into the main site
  • Ensure new is set up for success:
    • Infrastructure works well for internal and external users
    • Ensure mobile friendliness in design and page speed
    • Implement Google Analytics goal and event tracking
    • Utilize a custom email subscription center

One of the project challenges was creating marketing emails and preference center functionality from scratch. Previously Prevea used a separate email marketing tool outside of Kentico to build and deploy emails. This tool also housed the newsletter subscription center for subscribers to opt in or out of different newsletter subscriptions. Prevea wanted to manage both the website and email marketing under Kentico. Skyline needed to replicate previous functionality in Kentico meaning some of the setup and configuration needed to be custom to meet Prevea’s needs. The old email marketing tool’s license was to expire before the website went live. Skyline needed to come up with a plan to use Kentico’s system to send and manage emails in a non-production environment. We also needed to take into consideration opt-in and out management during all phases of the project.

Another challenge of the project was managing and serving up separate content for East and West users. A website visitor from the east side of the state needed to view different providers, locations, and web pages content. Prevea wanted an effortless way on the admin backside to manage this content. Skyline needed to consider onsite search within this dynamic content. East content could not be part of a West user’s search results. The previous approach involved duplicated content for each region.


"Kentico and Skyline Technologies have been great partners for us. Kentico allows non-developers to keep the site updated on a regular basis, while Skyline Technologies’ deep experience building websites in Kentico helped us take some complex ideas and turn them into reality."

Katie Schneekloth
Former Manager of Online Strategy
Prevea Health

Technologies Used

Kentico EMS Kentico EMS
Agile Methodology Agile Methodology
Azure SQL Database SQL Database
Google Analytics Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager