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Northeast Wisconsin Code Camp

Mar 25
Location: Fox Valley Technical College, 1825 N Bluemound Dr, Appleton, WI 54914
Skyline is a proud support of the Northeast Wisconsin Code Camp.  The event is a free, annual community-driven developer conference with more than 200 attendees annually.  Four Skyline associates will be presenting this year on a variety of fun topics.  Be sure to check them out!

Hey Google, how do I create actions for the Home? 

Michael Fazio – Senior Software Engineer

Google Home was released last October to some fanfare, several jokes (yes, it kind of looks like an air freshener), and a severe lack of customizations.  This finally improved when the Actions SDK was introduced, allowing developers and companies to create their own actions.

Things get interesting once you start looking at  This natural language interaction site allows users to create all Intents (tying user requests to actions), Entities (objects used by your action), and integrations to create a Google Home action.  This allows you to control what happens when users say certain expressions, how intents tie together, and even which pieces of data you want to grab from a user's statement.

In this session, we'll walk through what offers, how you can use it to configure all the interaction points for a user, and even how you can integrate with external web services.  Combined with the ability to quickly set up your Google Home action settings and use the same logic for other integrations, you'll be up and running on your Home in no time!

Analyzing Pictures with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Keith Czaplewski – Senior Software Engineer

Machine Learning is a hot buzzword right now and Microsoft Cognitive Services offers an example of the possibilities.  The best part is that this cool technology is available to everyone.  
This session will focus on the Vision family of APIs, which offer a suite of functionality to analyze images for content, text, faces and more.  We will explore what the Computer Vision, Face and Emotion APIs can tell us by submitting pictures and reviewing the results.  We’ll also build a sample Web API that makes use of those services.

HoloLens - The Future with Mixed Reality

Greg Levenhagen – Principal Consultant

Revolutionary technology can lead to disruptive innovation.  We are witnessing the dawn of augmented reality and the Microsoft HoloLens is leading the way.  The HoloLens provides a new landscape for us, as developers and innovators, to break new ground with more emerging experiences.

This discussion will briefly introduce tools for the HoloLens that are often not shown in the videos you may have seen and then focus on various developer scenarios.  We will go beyond the built-in apps by looking at the development environment and experience creating your own apps and games.

You will leave knowing what skill sets are needed, what types of apps and games lend themselves to easier migrations and a basic understanding of how to develop with the HoloLens.

Introduction to Docker

John Ptacek – Principal Consultant

Docker is a VERY popular virtualization technology. This session will be a walkthrough of what Docker is and why it makes sense for your organization. The talk will include demos of creating a Docker image, a docker container and deploying.  Plenty of demo!

Alexa, how much do you love SharePoint?

Sarah Otto – Portal Systems Engineer & Andrew Petersen - Senior Portal Systems Engineer

Alexa, ask SharePoint what’s going on today? In this session we’ll show how to setup a custom Alexa Skill that will tell us what’s happening around our company, where we use SharePoint to publish our announcements, celebrations and events. We’ll walk through the tools you’ll need to get started with creating your own custom skill and then dive into how to use the SharePoint Rest API with Alexa.

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Northeast Wisconsin Code Camp
Mar 25, 2017
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