Jan 22
Webinar: How to Capitalize on Power BI's Latest Features
Location: Online

In our webinar, one of our data experts will take you through the new features in Power BI desktop’s most recent release and why they matter. Stick around afterward for a Q&A where we will answer any questions you have about Power BI. 

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Michael Fazio and Greg Levenhagen are Speaking at Cream City Code

Date: Oct 13 - Oct 13
Location: 1721 West Canal Street Milwaukee, WI 53233
Two Skyline Technologies associates will be speaking at Cream City Code this year. It is a one-day development conference in Milwaukee that brings together developers to explore new ideas, code, share knowledge and discover best practices. Make sure to catch their presentations!

Google + Alexa: Cross-Assistant Apps

Michael Fazio

Michael will walk through the creation of both Alexa Skills and Actions on Google, look at the differences, look at what's the same, and see just how we can build a single application to serve both smart assistants. By the end of the session, you will have a sample application running on both platforms from a single set of REST endpoints. Get your ticket!

Getting Started with Windows 10 IoT Core!

Greg Levenhagen

Greg will provide a concise walkthrough of getting started with Win10 IoT Core on a Rasberry Pi, while discussing pros/cons from burnt-fingers in the field. He will discuss the development side of IoT, meaning from the device to the code and sending it to the cloud (like Azure). You will leave understanding how to quickly get started and remove the barriers to entry for your own side-project (or even a pitch to make at your job). Get your ticket!