Jan 22
Webinar: How to Capitalize on Power BI's Latest Features
Location: Online

In our webinar, one of our data experts will take you through the new features in Power BI desktop’s most recent release and why they matter. Stick around afterward for a Q&A where we will answer any questions you have about Power BI. 

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Jen Kalz and Kurt Wondra are Speaking at ChiBADD

Date: Oct 08 - Oct 08
Location: Loyola University Chicago - Water Tower Campus 25 E Pearson Street Chicago, IL 60611
Jen Kalz and Kurt Wondra are featured speakers at this year's ChiBADD, where they will be presenting their popular WI BADD topics. Hope you can make it!

Getting Down to the Bone: Techniques to Define Minimum Viable Product

Jen Kalz

The only way to truly understand if a product is providing value is to get a working solution in the hands of the end users, sooner than later. So how do you do this without stakeholders asking for everything in the first pass; especially with the established mentality that there will never be a "Phase 2". How do you help Product Owners decide when there is enough value to release the product for additional feedback. In this presentation we'll work through techniques that will assist you in guiding Product Owners through their decision making of Minimum Viable Product features. Get your ticket!

Beyond the Techniques, Tools to Get Stuff Done

Kurt Wondra

These days, there are many easily accessible and oftentimes cheap (or free) online tools which can help BAs get stuff done. Whether you need to groom a product backlog, manage and share spreadsheets, document process and data flow diagrams, put together How-To documentation / SOP protocols, there's plenty of tools out there to help with just that. In this presentation, we'll briefly touch on a few tools any good BA will want to have in their back pocket for their next project. Get your ticket!