Jan 26
Webinar: How to Capitalize on Power BI's Latest Features
Location: Online

Marcus Radue continues his popular monthly webinar series and will take you through the new features in Power BI desktop’s most recent release and why they matter. Plus, every month he will also host a guest speaker who will cover topic we're seeing in the marketplace and with our client partners.

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Webinar: Optimizing Manufacturing & Supply Chain Operational Efficiency with AWS

Date: Nov 04 11:00 AM - Nov 04 1:00 PM
Location: Online
Manufacturers are at continued risk for disruption. Amid ongoing volatility in costs and policy decisions and major impacts in our current environment, how can the manufacturing industry remain resilient? 

Skyline is excited to host Amazon's Digital Innovation team as they provide insights that can help manufacturing leaders navigate uncertainty, increase operational efficiency for the future, and respond, recover, and thrive in the wake of the current situation.

AWS helps manufacturers securely innovate and speed time to market with product and production design in the cloud by allowing instant compute and storage scalability at a low cost. 

AWS helps liberate and transport data from disparate factory sources to more easily create and manage a data lake and extract value from data with AI and ML to achieve smart manufacturing benefits like improved OEE, and lower cost.

In this innovation session, we will learn from industry leaders what the future trends for manufacturing and new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve.

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