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Mar 22, 2017
Skyline Technologies is excited to announce that, a Kentico site implemented by Skyline's Web & CMS team, has been selected as a Kentico Top 10 Website of the month.  This is the second site implemented by Skyline within the last year to earn this award.  In July 2016, was also selected as a Kentico Top 10 Website of the month.

Kolbe builds custom windows and doors that can be found in some of the most visionary residences and commercial projects in North America.  Kolbe needed a website that reflected this vision and allowed visitors a great user experience no matter what device they utilized.  Behind the scenes of the website, an integration bridge was built between Kolbe’s SharePoint-based data repository, which would now serve as a single-source product information system, and the new website.  An enhanced product detail page was created to allow visitors to obtain the necessary product information.  Custom modules were used to pull in product data from SharePoint, while allowing the marketing team to enter supplemental product information for the web visitor.  Additionally, the site is hosted in Microsoft Azure, allowing Kolbe to respond to spikes in website traffic.

Skyline Technologies is an information technology consultancy with a focus on building long-term client relationships, allowing us to truly understand you, our client, along with your business, your challenges, and your customers.  With more than 150 consultants including software engineers, business analysts, project managers, data analytics specialists, and portals specialists, Skyline has the capability to handle your most complex business needs.  Founded in 1992, Skyline is associate owned and has locations in Green Bay, Appleton, and Milwaukee.

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