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Jen Kalz is Featured on Mastering Business Analysis Podcast

Jan 29, 2019
We are excited to announce that Jen Kalz, Managing Consultant, is a featured guest on today's Mastering Business Analysis Podcast.

Jen has known Dave Saboe, the man behind the Mastering Business Analysis site and podcast, for the last several years. She and Dave often speak at the same chapters and conferences in the Midwest such as: WI BADD, IBADD, BA World Chicago, ChiBADD, ChicagoLand IIBA, and SEW IIBA.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Dave and often sit in on his presentations related to Agile and Design Thinking,” Jen said. “So, when Dave approached me at the end of last year to be a guest on his podcast, I happily accepted and told to him to pick a topic, any topic. Of course, Dave picked one of my passions: Prototyping.”

Jen wrote a prototyping series on our blog several years back, and she often speaks about Prototyping at the conferences mentioned above.

Today, Dave published the podcast in which they chat about the Prototyping technique and how Business Analysts (or anyone filling that role) can use it to capture and communicate requirements more effectively with their stakeholders. They talk everything from why to use prototyping to the right level of prototype, how it can help you identify Minimum Viable Product, and when to stop prototyping.

Here are the show notes for the episode to pique your interest:
  • The biggest challenges with requirements discovery are creating a common understanding and trying to ensure we’re building the right thing. Prototyping is a powerful tool that can address both of these challenges.
  • A prototype can be anything from a whiteboard drawing to a pixel-perfect, partially functioning model. The key is to understand why you’re creating the prototype and who the audience is.
  • In general, you want to start with the simplest form of prototype, typically a paper or whiteboard drawing, and increase the level of fidelity if needed. You may iterate through drawings to wireframes to mock-ups.
  • Just remember to stop prototyping once you have the answer that you built the prototype to address. When you have what you need, stop prototyping and start building the real product.

Download the episode on one of the many platforms and take a listen!
And if you’d like to hear the full Experience of Prototyping presentation, please join Jen at IBADD (Iowa Business Analysis Development Day) in May, or contact us for more information.

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