Skyline Presents: Retro Beer Night

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Next Generation Business Intelligence

Mike Zimmer – Data Management Business Intelligence Manager at Johnson Controls, Inc.
Matt Pluster – Director, Data Analytics & Data Platform

Join Mike and Matt as they discuss how next generation Business Intelligence technologies are helping organizations advance analytic maturity. When Johnson Controls needed to eliminate costly manual data manipulation processes performed during the analysis of customer behavior, they turned to Power BI and the Microsoft Analytics stack. This review will speak to the enhanced speed to insight and improved analysis capabilities delivered by the solution, and to how JCI leaders became empowered to make increasingly well-informed decisions.

Mobile, Cloud, IoT, and DevOps – Better Apps, Lower Costs

Tim Miller – Principal Consultant and Mobile Evangelist

Using Skyline’s Mile of Music application his backdrop, Tim will demonstrate how mobile apps, cloud, the internet of things, and dev ops all come to together in the modern mobile development world to provide users with a better experience while reducing development costs.

Improving Internal User Experiences to Improve Your External User Experiences

John Moynihan – Web & CMS Managing Consultant

User experience is important for any application or website, but the experience of those responsible for maintaining your content is equally important.  Without forethought and careful planning, you may end up with a beautiful and technically superior tool that is an impossible chore to manage for those responsible for keeping your content up to date.  John shares how to build solutions that are easily maintained so content remains fresh, ensuring your users keep coming back for more.

The Proxy Perspective

Jen Kalz – Senior Business Analyst

Often times identified Product Owners do not have the time nor the skills to complete all the responsibilities required of them to be an effective product owner. This is where the help of a proxy comes in. A Business Analyst can often slide into the role of a proxy and assist a Product Owner whenever needed. From writing and organizing user stories to working with the development team the Product Owner Proxy becomes just as critical on an agile team as the Product Owner themselves.

  • Experience Mixed Reality with the Microsoft HoloLens
  • Book Your Conference Room with Amazon Echo
  • Monitor Ambient Noise with IoT Devices & PowerBI
  • Find your Best Prospects with Lead Scoring & Kentico
  • Use Bluetooth Beacons to Monitor Crowd Movement
  • Have some fun with the Skyline’s Bobble Heads application powered by Microsoft Kinect
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