Your it may be to assess and improve your business processes to improve and accelerate the delivery of your mission-critical projects.

We’re here to solve your toughest challenges. We have a team of experienced, highly strategic business experts who can work with you to help you envision what’s possible. Whether it’s directly related to technology, or perhaps a broader challenge impacting your entire business, our team can work with you, in partnership, to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


While agile practices are typically synonymous with software development, we can train and coach you on how agile principles can be applied to other areas in your business. Through our team’s expertise, we’ve trained and mentored IT leaders and business leaders in agile practices to help them find greater success in their endeavors and continually improve their business. As your agile partner, we understand your need to “continuously improve,” and want to get you there. Through our expertise, we’ll support you along your agile journey— from assessments to training, coaching and mentoring; we’re there as your dedicated partner. We’re in this together.

Agile Training
Agile Coaching
Agile Implementation


At Skyline, our business analysis professionals work closely with our clients to help improve or deploy BA processes in their business. Through our practiced approach, we’ll help you assess your organization’s structure, processes and technology and identify opportunities for process improvement, organizational change and policy development. Together we’ll formulate a comprehensive roadmap outlining potential solution options and the necessary requirements for success. Through our business analysis consulting services we’ll help you enhance your business processes to minimize risk, drive value, improve collaboration and ensure the success of your long term engagements.


As your partner, our team of project management consultants will work closely with you to assess your current project management practices—taking you through our assessment process, to create a roadmap that identifies how and where you can realize improvements into your project management procedures. With knowledge and expertise in a variety of project management, governance and business improvement methodologies, we’ll work closely with your internal team to train, coach and mentor them in the processes that align with your specific project objectives and workflow.


At Skyline, we work with business across industries as trusted business consultants. Our team of business analysts, project  managers, scrum masters and product owners bring value to our clients through their years of experience working with IT, business and marketing leaders across the markets we serve. As your partner, we can help guide you through complex, critical and/or high risk projects of all sizes—working collaboratively with your internal team, on- or off-site, through all aspects of your project including quality assurance and control, project management and vendor selection.

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