Your it may be to strike the right balance between cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments to create a sustainable and secure infrastructure for your business that scales on demand. The cloud is a game changer.

Transforming your business to include a cloud strategy is no longer a question of “if,” but “when.” The fast pace of business, blurring lines between home and work, exponential growth in data, and increasing regulation are all changing how we think about and perform work. At Skyline, we want to help you discover new ways to simplify communication, collaboration, and productivity and prepare your business to navigate the ever changing technology landscape.

Skyline Cloud Enabled Solutions build on your existing business goals and objectives to deliver a sustainable and scalable, Enterprise Class cloud solution that’s in line with your current and future needs. Our approach produces predictable business benefits through data center footprint reduction, improved and efficient IT systems management leveraging Microsoft’s unified Office 365 and Azure cloud offerings. Our Goal is to empower people and businesses to unlock their potential and create rewarding experiences by uniting their technology, their people, and the way they want to work, while ensuring the business information is managed responsibly.



Whether you’re new to the cloud or have established cloud-based business systems in place, Skyline Cloud Envisioning begins with helping you understand what’s possible with “the cloud.” We then put the focus on your business by learning about your current situation—what you have, your goals, your challenges, your wants and must haves. We work with you to determine the right balance of cloud today and for the long haul. Through cloud envisioning, we’ll determine a custom roadmap for getting your company to the cloud.


Discovery, Planning, Design, and POC are a necessary part of every company’s new cloud strategy development process. Skyline delivers these services in a single solution engagement to maximize involvement of your business leaders and key resources with skilled Skyline resources.

Our goal is to strike the right balance between on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments for your business to build the most sustainable infrastructure that supports your current needs and has the ability to evolve and grow with your business into the
Our Cloud Solutions team is made up of more than 25 highly skilled professionals dedicated to Microsoft Azure, Intune, and Office 365 implementations. Over the years we’ve helped many local customers realize a better way to do business by bringing more than 650,000 users to the cloud.

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