Database Management Services

Whether you’re looking to implement a new database management platform or update your existing system, our database management team can evaluate and assess your situation and make recommendations that best fit your data goals.

With a specialized focus in Microsoft SQL Server systems and expertise in deploying data platforms for on-premises, Microsoft Azure cloud, and hybrid data environments, we’re a full-service data platform partner. 

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SQL Server Administration

SQL Server Administration Services

We provide comprehensive SQL Server administration services, including upgrades, conversions, consolidation, health check, back-up and recovery. In today's world, organizations need a reliable data platform that not only provides maximum uptime and data availability, but can also scale to meet the evolving needs and demands of a growing business.

As your SQL Server partner, our experienced team of data platform engineers will work closely with you to actively monitor, manage, and support your SQL Server needs —ensuring your system is secure, stable, and running at its optimal level of performance.

Flexible Database Services

Our database management team knows every business is unique, which is why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we offer four flexible services to meet your business needs.

  • Support Services - Many times we find organizations don't have enough demand to keep a full-time database administrator (DBA) busy. In these cases, our team plays the role of part-time DBA with the ability to provide traditional DBA activities on an as needed basis.
  • Advisory Services - Do you need an advisor to assist your existing database team in improving the performance of your current or designing a new environment or improving the performance of your SQL? Leverage one of our senior data warehouse engineers to guide you through the process.
  • Project Services - Are you looking for a partner that can own the end-to-end implementation of one of your upcoming projects? Whether this is the migration of your SQL Server on-premises environment to SQL Azure, or transitioning your existing disaster recovery solution to a cloud based solution, we will work with you to develop a custom scope of work, budget, and timeline.
  • Professional Services - Sometimes you have a project and simply need another skilled person to help you complete the project by your deadline. Skyline has team members ready to fill those roles as well.

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Database Management Services
Microsoft Gold Data Analytics

Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Competency

Our data analytics and data management team has 25+ full-time highly skilled professionals, with over 150 years of combined expeperience. Our associates have been tested and proven to have the expertise, earning them the Gold Data Analytics competency from Microsoft. Our team continues to help our customers update their databases and migrate their resources to the cloud.

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