Discovery Services

Before starting a project, you need to know what lies ahead to set yourself up for success.

Discovery delivers a predictable roadmap by understanding your vision and goals, identifying a product’s core requirements, defining the scope of work, and providing you with a forecast of time and cost to deliver the product.

Our seasoned business consultants help you to define and capture the vision for your product by creating a memorable multi-day experience using our industry best practices to facilitate alignment within your organization.

Through our extensive experience with manufacturers, we have created a Manufacturing Discovery focused on mitigating risk and maximizing ROI. Learn More!

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Why Do A Discovery?

  • You need to make the case for funding approval within your organization
  • Business users are struggling with articulating why a solution is needed and what needs a solution must address
  • There are multiple teams impacted by the solution and agreement on the solution scope has been difficult
  • Cost for a Discovery service is far less than the cost of diving into a solution only to find several months in scope, expectations and the architecture is misunderstood, ultimately killing a solution before it provides value to the organization

Resources During Engagement

  • Project Manager
  • Technical Solution Architect
  • Business Consultant

Typical Duration

Engagements for the standard package have a duration of 2–4 weeks; add-on services will increase the timeline. Skyline will provide duration when add-on services are requested prior to initiating the service.

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Business Analysis
Project Management

What You Will Receive

As part of the standard package we’ll deliver:

  • An overview of the organization landscape
  • A scope model of the solution
  • An initial product backlog built on user stories
  • A recommended solution architecture
  • A solution complexity assessment
  • An estimate for initial cost and duration for the recommended solution

Optional add-on-services:

  • Defined list of Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints for the solution
  • Identified list of Risks and Issues uncovered
  • Stakeholder Analysis matrix
  • Defined Organizational Glossary of terms and acronyms
  • Defined Organizational Data Dictionary
  • Wireframes of a recommended solution
  • Proof of Concept working solution model
  • ROI/Cost Justification analysis
  • Solution evaluation, comparison and selection

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Lower Your Risk with Security by Design

Protecting your data (and your clients’ data) is increasingly necessary in today’s marketplace. Companies and countries are requiring more security assurances from their partners to reduce their risk. 

As a participant in the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks, we can protect your data in our delivery of service. We design our solutions from the ground up to be secure by including safeguards like authentication and encryption. 

We are GDPR-compliant through Privacy Shield.

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security by design

Discovery Format

Prepare & Discover
  • Identify a product visionary and stakeholders
  • Schedule on site discovery sessions
  • Participate in discovery session(s)
  • Create an initial product backlog
  • Be open about organizational challenges
  • Analyze project complexity
  • Create Solution Scope visual
  • Define solution architecture recommendations
  • Estimate delivery effort (time, team, cost)
  • Review discovery findings
  • Make any adjustments needed based on feedback
  • Review formal proposal
  • Discovery workbook
  • Any other agreed-upon (add-on) deliverables