Discovery Services

Before starting a project, you need to know what lies ahead to set yourself up for success.

Discovery delivers a predictable roadmap by understanding your vision and goals, identifying a product’s core requirements, defining the scope of work, and providing you with a forecast of time and cost to deliver the product.

Our seasoned business consultants help you to define and capture the vision for your product by creating a memorable multi-day experience using our industry best practices to facilitate alignment within your organization.

Tell Us What You Need

Why a Discovery

  • You need to make the case for funding approval within your organization

  • Business users are struggling with articulating why a solution is needed and what needs a solution must address

  • There are multiple teams impacted by the solution and agreement on the solution scope has been difficult

  • Cost for a Discovery service is far less than the cost of diving into a solution only to find several months in scope, expectations and the architecture is misunderstood, ultimately killing a solution before it provides value to the organization


Resources during engagement

  • Project Manager

  • Technical Solution Architect

  • Business Consultant


Typical Duration

Engagements for the standard package have a duration of 2 – 4 weeks; add-on services will increase the timeline. Skyline will provide duration when add-on services are requested prior to initiating the service.

What you will receive

As part of the standard package we’ll deliver:

  • An overview of the organization landscape

  • A scope model of the solution

  • An initial product backlog built on user stories

  • A recommended solution architecture

  • A solution complexity assessment

  • An estimate for initial cost and duration for the recommended solution

Optional add-on-services:

  • Defined list of Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints for the solution

  • Identified list of Risks and Issues uncovered

  • Stakeholder Analysis matrix

  • Defined Organizational Glossary of terms and acronyms

  • Defined Organizational Data Dictionary

  • Wireframes of a recommended solution

  • Proof of Concept working solution model

  • ROI/Cost Justification analysis

  • Solution evaluation, comparison and selection

Discovery Format

Prepare & Discover
  • Identify a product visionary and stakeholders
  • Schedule on site discovery sessions
  • Participate in discovery session(s)
  • Create an initial product backlog
  • Be open about organizational challenges
  • Analyze project complexity
  • Create Solution Scope visual
  • Define solution architecture recommendations
  • Estimate delivery effort (time, team, cost)
  • Review discovery findings
  • Make any adjustments needed based on feedback
  • Review formal proposal
  • Discovery workbook
  • Any other agreed-upon (add-on) deliverables