Microsoft Office 365 Design, Pilot and Deployment

We can jump-start your cloud business and increase your productivity with Microsoft Office 365.

Through our expertise and specialization in collaboration solutions powered by Microsoft’s technologies, we’ll work together to determine the right tools to overcome your current challenge. Our team delivers a wide variety of offerings; maximizing the client's success, end-user adoption, and long-term solution.

We will utilize our proven methodology to get your Office 365 Pilot established efficiently, allowing your company to assess the benefits of Office 365 with a small group before deploying all users. We provide a phased approach for Office 365 Deployments, including Design, Pilot and full Deployment.

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Microsoft Office 365 Design

Office 365 Design

Our projects begin with a design phase where Skyline's associates will assess your current environment and design your future environment. Whether you’re looking for desktop to web or the devices in between, Office 365 delivers the tools to get the job done. Our design for your future environment will offer flexibility to help your business grow and adapt to changing business environments while spending less. As part of the design phase, Skyline will highlight any concerns or issues that require remediation prior to starting the Office 365 pilot.

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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Pilot 

Our associates can create an Office 365 pilot environment that fits your company's needs. You may be wondering: what is a pilot environment?  It's best described as a fully functioning Office 365 environment for a small subset of users. These users can evaluate the Office 365 environment and help your company assess the feasibility before migrating all users to Office 365. 

When creating your pilot, our Office 365 team can setup a hybrid environment. Whether you are looking to migrate 100% of your resources to the cloud or you're looking to have a balance of cloud and on-premises resources, our hybrid approach allows you to have flexibility and gives you the ability to move resources.

The pilot environment allows for seamless transitions when moving to the deployment phase and fully migrating your company. 

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Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Deployment

The deployment phase entails the migration of remaining users and fully migrating your company's resources. Our team is here to help with:

  • Rollout Plan - Improve efficiency for your company's users and support desk.
  • Migrating Users - We can fully migrate all users to Office 365 or coach and advise throughout the deployment process. 
  • Post-Migration ​Support - Our associates skills and experiences allow us to fully support your company after the migration.
Our goal is to make your company more efficient, whether you use a 100% cloud approach or hybrid with on-premises. We strive to maximize your Office 365 environment to allow your company to be self-sufficient and to reach max potential.

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Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Competency

We've implemented over 100 Intranets and deployed over 100k people to Office 365. We have proven our expertise and specialization in collaboration solutions powered by Microsoft’s technologies, earning us our Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content competency. 

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Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content