Agile Enablement Services

We'll support you along your agile journey - from assessments to training, coaching and mentoring; we're there as your dedicated partner. We're in this together.

Agile Training

Through our comprehensive training capabilities, our experienced agile consultants work directly with your team to teach them the fundamental principles and framework of agile and Scrum methodologies. Our agile training program is broken up into three 1/2 day modules, appropriate for anyone working with a Scrum team. Through our training sessions, we’ll help your team get ready to sprint so you can begin deploying more efficient, sustainable and successful agile processes in your business.

Agile Coaching

Whether agile methodologies are old or new to your business, we can provide coaching and support to your business through real-world application. Working with members of our agile team, we’ll mentor your Scrum team on-site at your business to help you develop and refine your agile processes and to prepare for your initial sprints.

Agile Implementation

As a recognized leader in the deployment of agile processes in the markets we serve, we partner with clients to guide them through the implementation of agile in their business. Through our proven zero-to-sprinting agile implementation process, your company will be on the fast-track to becoming agile. We begin by forming your Scrum team—defining roles, providing training and helping design the team work space. Once your team is formed, we help you build your product backlog, conduct user story writing workshops and help you through your first official agile sprint.

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