Real-Time Reporting for Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions
The Microsoft Cloud provide a series of out-of-the-box components that can be used for ingesting, storing, and providing analytics in support of your IoT solutions.

Skyline has assembled several solutions that are configured to demonstrate these capabilities with the goal of showing our clients real solutions that demonstrate real-time analytics with low cost hardware.

Real-Time Reporting – Ambient Noise Sound Sensing 
The following example demonstrates how to ingest real-time data, IoT data into a real-time reporting solution.

The following describes how the solution works:
  1. A series of ambient noise sensors communicate noise levels to a RaspberryPi over a 900MHz signal.  
  2. The RaspberryPi connects to the internet over WiFi.  NodeJS is used to write data into Azure IoT Hub.
  3. Azure IoT Hub ingests the device data and stores the information into SQL Azure.
  4. The data within SQL Azure is streamed to Power BI.  
  5. To ensure that the data is refreshed in real-time, the Power BI API is called from Azure Cloud Services. This is a great method for pushing data from various sources into Power BI to show real time results. This would be used for displaying the current sound level in a room.
  6. Azure Stream Analytics is used use to query (pull) the data from a stream in real time with windowing functions before it is written to a database. This is used to display the average sound level for the last five minutes with requiring the data to be written to the database.
The following Azure components were used to enable the solution:
Component Overview
IoT Hub Provides the ability to connect to millions of assets to provide a reliable, bi-directional communication platform for your IoT devices.
SQL Azure The cloud based data storage for the solution.
Power BI & Power BI API Power BI provides the ability to build robust reports and dashboards while Power BI API provides the ability to automate reporting solutions built upon Power BI.
Stream Analytics A real-time stream processing service that gathers insights from devices, sensors, cloud infrastructure, and applications in real-time.
Cloud Services Cloud Services enables the automation capabilities for the solution including the calls to the Power BI API to ensure reports are updated with no user interaction.



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