When organizations approach cross platform mobile app development using a native development approach, it requires development teams to maintain multiple code bases.  When a hybrid app approach is leveraged, organizations often find they are unable to provide all the capabilities of a native app.

Skyline leverages Xamarin for app creation as it minimizes the amount of platform specific code required to support the Android, iOS, and Windows apps providing users with a native app experience.

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android (a.k.a. - Xamarin Classic)

What it provides

  • C# used to build iOS and Android apps 
  • Shared business logic
  • Full use of the native SDKs
  • Ability to leverage third party libraries

When to use it

  • Apps that require specialized interactions 
  • Apps with highly polished design (as the UI logic is separate for each platform)
  • Apps that use many platform-specific APIs 
  • Apps where custom UI is more important than code sharing 

Xamarin Forms

What it provides:

  • Shared Business Logic and UI 
  • C# Development
  • Limited platform specific code

When to use it:

  • Data entry apps 
  • Apps that require little platform-specific functionality 
  • Apps where code sharing is more important than custom UI 



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Benefits for Microsoft Developer

  • Limited ramp-up time for developers with .NET/C# experience 
  • Visual Studio can be used for development
  • Leverages all of the last features of C#  (Generics, Async, LINQ, etc.)

Hybrid Apps versus Xamarin?

Upsides of hybrid apps

  • Web technologies 
  • Write once, run on many platforms 
  • Great for writing apps quickly 

Downsides of hybrid apps

  • Sluggish performance
  • Less UI polish / less native look and feel 
  • Sometimes you simply hit a wall and cannot build what you can with a Xamarin or Native app

When to use hybrid apps

  • When your team only has HTML/javascript experience 
  • Having a polished UI is a low priority