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Kentico Kontent is a headless CMS which enables developers and marketers to deliver content to multiple devices in any format.

Great content makes or breaks a website. Collaborate in a single unified environment utilizing Kentico Kontent as a Content-as-a-Service solution. Kentico Kontent takes care of the back-end—performance, security, availability, upgrades, etc. All you have to manage is your own application, which makes you much more productive. You can use Kentico Kontent's REST API on any platform, with any programming language, and with your favorite development tools.

Why it’s useful:
  • Quickly create and refine your content in one place. Collaborate fast. You can write your websites or mobile applications using any programming language, your favorite tools, and your own development process.
  • Structure and organize your content to build consistent experiences. No more copy and pasting, or cloning content across multiple channels. The API makes the content available through any channel and on any device and allows you to make the CMS part of your microservices architecture.
  • Publish content faster to any application or channel using your favorite technology.
  • It provides higher security and much easier scalability.
  • No need to upgrade.

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