Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a business application platform that helps power users in line of business roles easily build and deploy business apps across web and mobile. This allows businesses to turn expertise into solutions with ease, and ultimately spend less time grappling with systems and tools that don’t work together and more time creating ways to work better, smarter and more efficiently.

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based service that makes it practical and simple for line of business users to build workflows that automate repetitive, time-consuming business tasks and processes across the applications and services they already use, such as Office 365, Slack, Dropbox, SalesForce.com, Dynamics 365 and many more.


Have your own custom corporate apps at your fingertips. Skyline will help you mobilize your workforce affordably with Power Apps


Let Skyline’s experienced team of professionals take your business process and streamline it using Power Automate.


Skyline will help you seamlessly connect with more than 70+ applications including Salesforce, SharePoint, Jira, etc.


Throughout this engagement, Skyline will help mentor and train your core team to ensure successful adoption and usage of Power Apps and Power Automate.

Why Power Apps and Power Automate?

1. Do you use third-party tools?
Skyline can connect to your third-party applications quickly, easily, and efficiently.

2. Have a mobile workforce?
We can help you and your users access your information in your very own low-cost applications.

3. Does your organization have applications with high support costs?
Skyline will help create an application that your Power Users can help maintain.

4. Have on premises data?
We make it easy by setting up on-premises gateways to access the data securely.

5. Do you have tedious corporate processes?
Skyline has the tools to easily create low-cost corporate workflows to streamline processes.


Looking to expand upon the foundational aspects of Power Apps and Power Automate? Skyline offers the following enhancements:
  • Custom APIs
  • Custom Developed Workflow Tie-Ins
  • Power Apps & Power Automate Admin Training
  • Enhanced Branding
  • Business Support Package
  • End User Training



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