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What Tools Do Business Analysts Really Need for Backlog Management?
Kurt Wondra Kurt Wondra  |  
Aug 17, 2018
Whether your current role is that of a Business Analyst (BA) or a Product Owner (or you do a blend of both) and you’re in an agile environment, then you’re doing some form of backlog management. Interestingly, there are many different flavors of backlog management. We BAs have a certain way that...
Business Analysis
How to Add Electronic and Digital Signatures to a Universal Application (UWP) with iText
Paul Madary Paul Madary  |  
Aug 14, 2018
When paying for gas at the pump, checking out at Walmart, or electronically signing a contract to purchase real estate, have you ever thought about what technically goes into that electronic signature?  If not, then this is your lucky day! I recently had to implement this functionality in a UWP...
So Many Business Analyst (BA) Certifications. Which one is right for you?
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Aug 07, 2018
Origins of a BA When you are first beginning your career as a business analyst, it can be challenging. Most of the current workforce came into the business analyst role either through IT or from the business side. Until very recently, formal business analysis education and training was in the...
Business Analysis
How Business Analysts Can Elevate Communication and Collaboration
Kurt Wondra Kurt Wondra  |  
Aug 03, 2018
We as BAs really need to communicate and collaborate effectively. The pressure on us continues to increase year over year, month over month, day over day. All of us are being asked to help our teams operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, and there are many challenges ahead of us. The...
Business Analysis
3 Ways to Ruin Data Visualization
Paul Fuller Paul Fuller  |  
Jul 31, 2018
After amassing an army of Lego sets as a kid, I always loved taking the most unique pieces from different sets and assembling what I thought was the coolest creation anyone had ever seen. My mom never had the heart to say that mixing the knight’s castle with the spaceship and pirates just made...
Business Intelligence
Updated Mile of Music App Provides an Even Better User Experience
John Ptacek John Ptacek  |  
Jul 26, 2018
As we get to the end of July at Skyline Technologies, our organization starts to get excited. We know that the Mile of Music festival is just around the corner. With over 70,000 people coming to Appleton, Wisconsin, for four days of original music, it is quite an adventure. Given one of the main...
Mobile Development
Top 5 Ways to Capitalize on a High-Performing Scrum Team
Rachel Rieck Rachel Rieck  |  
Jul 24, 2018
Over 4 years of being on a very successful and dedicated scrum team, I have been asked time and time again why we were so successful and how we could infuse ‘it’ on other teams. What was ‘it’ that made our team and our work so high in quality, efficiency, and productivity? (Please note that this...
Near Field Communication and How to Practically Use It
Paul Madary Paul Madary  |  
Jul 17, 2018
With all the amazing ways we communicate wirelessly today like radio waves, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, there’s another technology I recently worked with which fascinated me by the countless novel ways it could be used. As you may have guessed from the title, that technology is called Near...
The Certified Business Analyst Professional Guide to IIBA CBAP Recertification
Brian Laehn Brian Laehn  |  
Jul 10, 2018
Introduction Achieving the IIBA CBAP Certification is one of the most prestigious certifications a Business Analyst can obtain. The benefits of becoming a CBAP are many. With these benefits comes great responsibility to continue to demonstrate a deep commitment to the business analyst profession...
Business Analysis
The Parallels Between Parenting and Project Management
Kari Vondracek Kari Vondracek  |  
Jun 28, 2018
When you find out you are expecting, you are eager with anticipation. You are going to have a perfect little family. She will sleep when it is time to sleep, eat when it is time to eat, remember her manners all the time, won’t sass back, follow a set schedule, will communicate with you openly...
Project Management
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