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Is SharePoint a 4-Letter Word?
Sarah Buruin Sarah Buruin  |  
Nov 16, 2017
I have a 3-year-old daughter at home, so I am careful with my words but, of course, "SharePoint" is not one I need to watch out for at home. However, some of the clients I work with would rather not hear it and certainly will not let their end users hear it. Instead, they use the SharePoint...
Power BI & Excel - Options for Data Sharing and Publishing
Kathy Shields Kathy Shields  |  
Nov 14, 2017
If you’re a Power BI user or support those who are, you know Microsoft continues to add features for data sharing and report publishing between Excel and Power BI. Many Power BI users are also strong Excel users, relying on it for complex analysis and reporting on data.  There are times when one...
Kentico Roadshow Chicago – Recap and Takeaways
Daniel Maley Daniel Maley  |  
Nov 09, 2017
As a member of the Skyline Web & CMS team, I recently had the privilege of attending the Kentico Roadshow in Chicago. I wanted to outline some of the major highlights of the event, and share my opinion on the future of the Kentico platform. First, I need to share a picture of our view from the...
How to Quickly Detect Tabular Referential Integrity Issues
Cory Cundy Cory Cundy  |  
Nov 07, 2017
Often when we think about referential integrity (RI) we think of relational databases or data warehouses. While we should have referential integrity constraints in those systems, it may not always be implemented for various reasons. When building a tabular model, we should also be concerned about...
Is the Project Management Professional (PMP) Dead?
Carri Albrecht Carri Albrecht  |  
Nov 02, 2017
I was running through the woods this weekend on my favorite trail until I ran into an enormous tree blocking the path. What to do? I could turn back, but I just started my run so that was a bad option. If only someone were on the trails with a chain saw! I couldn’t climb over the tree as my...
Gulp, Grunt, Webpack: What's a Dev to Choose?
Brandon Martinez Brandon Martinez  |  
Oct 31, 2017
This past summer I had the pleasure of presenting at That Conference 2017 with my talk titled Gulp, Grunt, Webpack: What's a Dev to Choose?. In my session, I demonstrated two of the most popular JavaScript task runners, Grunt and Gulp, being used with two of the most popular bundling systems...
The Business Benefits of Modern SharePoint
Anthony Escobedo Anthony Escobedo  |  
Oct 26, 2017
A common issue among the SharePoint admin community is creating an attractive, detailed (informational), yet intuitive intranet. Microsoft heard the voice of the customer and is improving both the admin and end user experience. For example, while working with a dairy company, I did the normal...
Could Green Bay be the Next Silicon Valley?
Mitch Weckop Mitch Weckop  |  
Oct 24, 2017
Small companies make up 99.7% of businesses in the U.S., and they have generated most of the job growth in the country since the Great Recession (65%). Startups have also been a big part of the job growth, but here are a few interesting stats on companies and venture capitalists that invests in...
Automate Leave Requests and More HR Processes with Nintex
Sarah Otto Sarah Otto  |  
Oct 19, 2017
Leave Requests make the top 10 list of HR processes that should be automated. And why not? Depending on your company's size, Leave Requests could be a time-consuming process with back-and-forth emails and/or paper memos and forms, making it difficult for all parties involved. Automating this...
How’s Your Scrum Game? The Benefits of Playing Standup Poker
Kari Vondracek Kari Vondracek  |  
Oct 17, 2017
Is your team hesitant to engage during standup meetings? Is the sprint not going as well as it could, but the team is not sharing information? Do your standup meetings seem to be on auto-pilot? (“This is what I did yesterday, here is what I am doing today, yup I am good thanks. NEXT!”) If you...
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