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Identifying SSAS Tabular Processing Performance Issues
Cory Cundy Cory Cundy  |  
Dec 18, 2018
Have you ever developed or worked on tabular models that take longer to process than you expect? Have you ever wanted to decrease the processing time so you can process the tabular model more often? In my experience, I have answered "yes" to both questions. In this post I'd like to share a...
Pre-assigning Work to Team Members (Agile Transformation Pain Point #14)
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Dec 13, 2018
This pain point is something you definitely don’t want to do. Agile and Scrum teams are meant to be self-organizing. They should volunteer to pick up assignments, not be assigned. Development team members are volunteering to do stories, and they might want to learn something new –let them do...
Async, Await, and ConfigureAwait – Oh My!
Dan Lorenz Dan Lorenz  |  
Dec 11, 2018
In .NET Framework 4.5, async/await keywords were added to the language to make async programming easier to work with. In order to maximize device resources and not block UI, you should really try to use asynchronous programming wherever you can. While async/await has made this much easier than...
.Net Programming
Taking on Too Much Work in a Sprint (Agile Transformation Pain Point #13)
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Dec 06, 2018
Some teams are super ambitious, and they just think they can climb a whole mountain in a single Sprint, but the whole goal with agile is to maintain a sustainable pace. Take on only what you really think you can get done within your Sprint. Don't overestimate your velocity, and don't look at...
Is Santa Claus Secretly a Data Scientist?
Jared Kuehn Jared Kuehn  |  
Dec 04, 2018
Here we are again, amid the holiday season. Christmas items have been on sale for months. The biting, cold winter weather is rolling in. If you aren’t in the holiday spirit by now, it’s about time to get started before it’s too late. To get into the spirit, I like to sit back, relax by a lit...
Data Science
Not Having a Definition of "Done" or "Ready" (Agile Transformation Pain Point #12)
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Nov 29, 2018
Most people who are familiar with agile are familiar with the concept of definition of Done. This is something that the team should create when they are first formed, and they should continually be inspecting and adapting that at each of their retrospectives. They can update that definition of...
A Look at Power BI as a Business Intelligence System: Power Query M
Mark Kaehny Mark Kaehny  |  
Nov 27, 2018
While Power BI is sometimes thought of as a front-end visualization tool, with it Microsoft created a “kitchen sink” Business Intelligence system that includes all the standard parts of a traditional solution. Here is a high-level view of Power BI and a look at the “ETL” part that is hidden...
Power BI
Diagramming & Modelling Tips for Business Analysts
Kurt Wondra Kurt Wondra  |  
Nov 20, 2018
Among the many responsibilities of Business Analysts, including Backlog Management and Communicating and Collaborating with our teams, the skill of diagramming and modelling is one which seems to be more taboo than mainstream. Have you ever wondered why that is? One observation I’ve had through...
Business Analysis
Forgetting to Have the "Conversation" (Agile Transformation Pain Point #11)
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Nov 15, 2018
You may have heard the three C's of agile: the card, the conversation, and the confirmation. Many people will have the card: they'll write the story, but they'll forget about the other parts. They'll just write it in a silo and not get any feedback. They won’t actually talk to anyone about it...
The Business Value of Machine Learning Isn't Just for Giants
Mark Kaehny Mark Kaehny  |  
Nov 13, 2018
Technological advances have made it available to the masses Wisconsin now has a group investing $40 million into Data Science education. The Wall Street Journal Tech Companies to Watch has several multi-million-dollar funded companies that are using Machine Learning (ML) focused on different...
Machine Learning
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