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How to Build a Custom Android ListAdapter
Michael Fazio Michael Fazio  |  
Mar 30, 2021
Michael Fazio is a tech speaker and senior software developer at Skyline Technologies - a Core...
Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Template Tips
Rachael Wilterdink Rachael Wilterdink  |  
Mar 23, 2021
If you are new to Azure DevOps, or you know the basics but haven’t explored more deeply, then...
Penetrating Testing - What It Is, The Types, and When to Do It
Matthew Thomson Matthew Thomson  |  
Mar 16, 2021
About the author: Matthew Thomson is a principal security consultant at Skyline Technologies – a...
How to Find, Train, and Empower Citizen Data Scientists
Adam Widi Adam Widi  |  
Mar 09, 2021
About the author: Adam Widi is a Senior Solution Architect in Data Analytics with over 15 years...
Why BAs Must Carefully Consider Authentication and Authorization
Kurt Wondra Kurt Wondra  |  
Mar 02, 2021
About the author: Kurt Wondra is high-energy, well-rounded IT consultant who started his career...
Why I Stopped Testing My Code (and You Should Too)
Todd Taylor Todd Taylor  |  
Feb 23, 2021
About the author: Todd M. Taylor is a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for producing...
Power BI Tips for Star Schema and Dimensional Data Modeling
Marcus Radue Marcus Radue  |  
Feb 16, 2021
In this blog, Marcus Radue, Data Analytics Engineer, offers high-level guidance in the advantages...
Power BI
Azure Tips & Tricks: Preventing Headaches with Cosmos Document IDs
Todd Taylor Todd Taylor  |  
Feb 09, 2021
About the author: Todd M. Taylor is a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for producing...
Using Tabular Editor’s Best Practice Analyzer to Apply Best Practices
Cory Cundy Cory Cundy  |  
Feb 02, 2021
In this blog, Scott Hietpas and Cory Cundy – two principal consultants in Skyline Technologies...
Developer Playbook for Getting Started with DevOps
Bob Schommer Bob Schommer  |  
Jan 26, 2021
About the author: Bob Schommer is a Senior Consultant with over 10 years of agile experience who...
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