Client Care Maintains Your Websites & Business Applications

Every day, you adapt and grow to meet new business challenges. Your website and business applications should reflect that change and growth. With proper maintenance, you can optimize your growth potential and ROI with ongoing support that makes the most of these investments.

An updated, streamlined website can:

  • Keep customers engaged with your brand
  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Enable your site to capture new leads and opportunities
  • Utilize market insights from website analytics to guide enhancements

An updated, supported business application can:

  • Allow you to more efficiently meet business demand for change
  • Reduce risk of failure or downtime
  • Avoid costly retire and replacement projects

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Keep Pace with Rapidly Changing Technology

We partner with you to ensure you are seeing continued value from your investment and that you are keeping pace with a rapidly changing technology landscape. Skyline Client Care can keep your application or website current with:

  • Functionality enhancements
  • Style updates
  • Security updates
  • Version updates
  • New tech integrations
  • Compatibility upgrades
  • Expansion/implementation of analytics
  • Technical documentation
  • Planned releases (application)
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Client Care Features

Our Client Care program includes numerous benefits to help you maintain and improve your website or business application. Client Care can be right-sized to meet your needs and budget with the following available features:


Developer and Resource Readiness

  • Skyline maintains knowledge of your solution or application so we are always ready to respond to issues and add new features.
  • Skyline ensures environments are ready to troubleshoot, develop, test and deploy.
  • Skyline resources can be available 24x7.


Skyline will work with you to ensure the application remains healthy and the business is realizing value. We will evaluate and plan for:

  • Necessary upgrades to supporting software and environments.
  • Improvements to automation, security, ease of use, monitoring & alerting, etc.
  • New features and improvements needed to grow and improve your business.


Client Care provides access to subject matter experts so you have guidance in making the best technology decisions for your business.


Support Management

A Client Care Project Manager will gather and communicate requirements, coordinate work with developers and maintain a record of your solution and work requests in Skyline’s ticketing system.

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Additional Support Features

  • Code Repository Management: ensure your code is organized, available and secure.

  • Development Environment Maintenance: avoid delays and production issues with a current development environment.

  • Documentation Maintenance: reduce risk and enable efficient change with proper documentation of your website and application.

  • Emergency Support: clients who have added on 24/7 Emergency Support can make after hours requests to address outages.

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Package Options

Skyline will work with you to determine which package options fit your needs and budget. Questions to consider include:

  • Is your website or application small and simple or large and complex?
  • Do you have occasional, minor changes or an on-going backlog?
  • Is it critical that issues are addressed 24x7?
  • Is the website or application in a healthy state or does it need technical improvements?

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Lower Your Risk with Security by Design

Protecting your data (and your clients’ data) is increasingly necessary in today’s marketplace. Companies and countries are requiring more security assurances from their partners to reduce their risk. 

As a participant in the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks, we can protect your data in our delivery of service. We design our solutions from the ground up to be secure by including safeguards like authentication and encryption. 

We are GDPR-compliant through Privacy Shield.

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