Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions

Protect your business with backup and recovery services that are stable, scalable, easy to use, and cost-effective.

For most organizations, backup and recovery are essential to business continuity in the event of hardware, software, or human failure. With the increased amount of data that organizations are producing, these services can be costly, and scalability can be an issue. Add to that the growing number of security and compliance regulations, and backup becomes even more important to address sooner than later.

Different data types

Not all data is the same. Different data types have different backup and recovery needs. It can be difficult to ensure you are backing up and retaining at a level that meets your business needs.

Recovery points and time

How do you make sure you can maintain important recovery points and time while staying on budget and without spending hours on training or creating a separate team?


When it comes to maintaining backed-up data in the cloud, one of the main concerns is security. Organizations want to know their data is not vulnerable to malicious activity and that the systems housing the data are highly available.

Tell Us What You Need

Our Approach

Skyline starts with an assessment of the current backup systems and the data being backed up. This allows us to determine categories and any established policies that govern data backup and recovery. We work with your IT team to determine the appropriate recovery point and time objectives.

After the assessment, we hold a design session to lay out the proper identity and access management to govern access to the data. We also categorize the data and design the policies, connectivity, storage, retention, and recovery procedures.

Why Cloud Backup?


1. Hyper-Scalable

As companies produce more data, the systems used to back up that data need to be able to grow without large up-front investments. The hyper-scalability of cloud storage makes this possible in pay-as-you-use pricing models.

2. Long-Term Retention

The length of time that backup data is retained is also growing. In traditional magnetic or hardware-based solutions, it can be difficult to ensure that systems capable of utilizing the backup media are available when needed. With cloud backup, the storage systems are maintained by the provider, the interface to that data is always available, and your data can be maintained for up to 99 years.

3. Geographically Redundant

Backup data can be replicated across data centers worldwide to ensure that no regional disaster impacts your data.

4. Centralized Management and Reporting

With your backups in the cloud, you have one place to monitor, manage, and report all the different types of data being backed up.


Why Skyline?

Skyline knows the cloud, and we offer cloud-based backup and recovery solutions for all your business needs. We will help you use it appropriately, effectively, and most of all – affordably. For more information on Skyline’s Cloud Backup and Recovery capabilities – or other consulting offerings – fill out the form below or call (920) 437-1360.