DevOps Automation for Continuous Delivery

Shorten release cycles by improving collaboration between your Development and Operations teams.


Organizations that foster a culture of collaboration and communication among their teams find they can reduce the time it takes to get valuable product into their customer’s hands. DevOps uses automation to shorten cycle times, accelerate speed to market and deliver secure, scalable, and high-performance software that “just works”.

But success with DevOps is much more than using technical practices: it also requires a mindset shift. Our DevOps assessment not only focuses on your technical practices, but it also advises you on recommended changes to your culture and leadership approaches.

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Agile Training

DevOps Assessment Includes:

Customer Alignment

  • Customer/Client Satisfaction
  • Alignment with Customer/End User Needs
  • Time to Feedback on Products
  • Current Time to Market


  • Organization Structure/Incentives
  • Culture
  • Management/Organization Support for Change Management
  • Continuous Improvements/Metrics

Team and Technical Practices

  • Existing Teams
  • Technical Skills
  • Tools and Process
  • Agile Knowledge
  • Product Quality

Engineering Practices

How Skyline Delivers DevOps

Skyline’s takes the following agile approach to our DevOps engagements:

  1. Conduct initial assessment
  2. Establish a backlog of improvement initiatives
  3. Prioritize to realize value early and often
  4. Implement high value improvements
  5. Measure
  6. Repeat

The benefit of our approach is that you will realize value early and can use the metrics we provide to determine how long to continue investing.


Skyline will provide score cards and a report detailing current state, our findings, and recommendations for improving your technical practices and business processes. We will provide tactics that your leaders can use to improve their agility. Finally, we will deliver strategies for adopting these disruptive changes within your organization.

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Business Analysis
security by design

Lower Your Risk with Security by Design

Protecting your data (and your clients’ data) is increasingly necessary in today’s marketplace. Companies and countries are requiring more security assurances from their partners to reduce their risk. 

As a participant in the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks, we can protect your data in our delivery of service. We design our solutions from the ground up to be secure by including safeguards like authentication and encryption. 

We are GDPR-compliant through Privacy Shield.