Join our Friends-of-Skyline Network of Independent Contractors

Like being independent but still want to partner with us? Then join our Friends-of-Skyline network of independent 1099 contractors. It offers many benefits, including:
  • Get paid every 15 days instead of after the project finishes.
  • Skyline handles all the paperwork so you can focus on doing what you love.
  • Get access to Skyline’s network of clients across many industries.
  • Grow your skills by working on exciting projects.
  • Build your professional network.
As we look to partner together, the information below highlights our commitment to working with you and our process of engagement.
What it means to be a Friend-of-Skyline:
  • We respect and speak good things about each other.
  • We share each other’s goals.
  • We talk to each other first if we run into any problems.
  • We care about how each other is doing mentally, physically, financially, etc.
What to expect from Skyline:
  • We will routinely check in to see how you’re doing – we care about you and your well-being at a client.
  • The Skyline team will look for opportunities for you as diligently as we do for our own associates.
  • We will always review the opportunity and ask permission from you before presenting you to a client.
  • We ask for the right of first refusal in finding your next assignment so we can build a true partnership with you.
  • We value your input! We are interested in your opinion and ideas.
  • We can and will be flexible with you.
What we ask of our Friends:
  • You share your successes at the client with us. Let’s celebrate them together.
  • Let us know what you need to be successful on your assignment.
  • Share any problems you might be running into. We are here to help.
  • Share with us any other opportunities you see at the client. We have a business referral incentive.
  • Please refer great candidates (Permanent and Independent). Skyline has a new hire/IC referral incentive.
Becoming a Friend-of-Skyline:
  • After getting to know you and discussing your expectations as a Friend-of-Skyline, we will get our standard Professional Services Agreement in place with you. 
  • We will source opportunities, and our Resource Manager will discuss each opportunity with you prior to presentation to a client. 
  • If the client is interested in your profile, we will set up interviews with the client to discuss the opportunity. If it’s a match, we will finalize our agreement, complete onboarding, and set you up with timekeeping/invoicing.
  • Throughout the engagement, our Resource Manager will routinely check in with you to address how things are progressing, extensions, wrap-up, etc.
  • As we near the end and following an engagement, we hope to continue our partnership and will start the resourcing process again.

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