ux webinar

Webinar: What You Need to Know About User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) is arguably the most important part of your app or site. But it’s also the least understood and often overlooked. Watch how UX can make your app or site more effective.
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devops webinar

Webinar: DevOps is More Than Automation; It's a Total Mindset Shift

What is DevOps, why does it matter to your organization, and how can you succeed at it? See how success with DevOps is more than using technical practices; it also requires a total mindset shift.
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image recognition webinar

Webinar: What Image and Facial Recognition Can Tell Your Business

Image and facial recognition has gone from a curiosity to an inevitable part of a transformative business strategy. See how your business can benefit from detecting faces, objects, and even emotions.
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webinar power bi diah

Webinar: Power BI Dashboard-in-an-Hour

Accelerate your Power BI knowledge with dashboard training in 1 hour. One of our Sr. Solution Architects shares how to distill an overwhelming amount of data into actionable insights.
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webinar environment complexity

Webinar: How to Handle Increasing Complexity in Product Development

To manage increasing complexity, compete effectively with nimble startups, and provide timely updates to customers, organizations need to manage their products and projects differently.
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gulp grunt webpack presentation

Video: Gulp, Grunt, Webpack: What's a Dev to Choose?

Watch one of our Sr. Software Engineers demonstrate two of the most popular JavaScript task runners, Grunt and Gulp, being used with webpack and browserify, and how they can fit into your JavaScript workflow.
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tabular ri analyzer

Guide: Tabular RI Analyzer Excel Workbook

How can you detect referential integrity issues in your tabular model? With our Tabular RI Analyzer, you can quickly and accurately detect RI issues, the tables they're in, and which values are the problem.
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