power platform webinar

Webinar: How to Accelerate Innovation and Insights with the Power Platform

What could your business accomplish if everyone could build apps, data visualizations, and automated tasks? Watch how you can use this integrated platform to increase ROI from your technology.
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modern workplace webinar

Webinar: How to Use Office 365 to Digitally Transform into a Modern Workplace

If you’re seeing a spike in collaboration with colleagues and clients, you're seeing the transition from personal productivity to group productivity. Watch how you can use Office 365 to digitally transform your organization into a Modern Workplace.
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realtime vs near-realtime

Webinar: Realtime vs. Near-Realtime Data Delivery

Should you invest in immediate data visualizations, or can your data wait to be analyzed? Watch our data director take a close look at these two data delivery structures to help you decide which is best for your organization. 
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cloud vs on-premises data

Webinar: Cloud vs. On-Premises Data Architecture

Should you invest in on-premises source systems or move to the cloud? Watch our data experts take a close look at these two data structures to help you decide which is best for your organization. 
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it-managed vs self-service analytics

Webinar: IT-Managed vs. Self-Service Analytics

As data literacy and "Shadow IT" become commonplace across business units, there is a growing demand for self-service capabilities. Watch our data experts take a close look at these two teams to help you decide which is best for your organization. 
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data lake vs data warehouse

Webinar: Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses

Does a data lake replace the data warehouse? Do I need one or the other? If so, which one do I need? Our data experts will answer these questions to help you determine which data storage platform will help you reach your goals.
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trifecta of greatness

Video: How to Create and Capitalize on a High-Performing Agile Team

If you have experience on agile teams and are looking to tweak a few things or try something different, then this video presentation is for you. Here are proven strategies and tactics to build a team that consistently delivers results.
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Finserv o365 Webinar

Webinar: How Your Financial Institution Can Work Intuitively and Securely with Office 365

Can you really give frontline workers access to open collaboration and documents while maintaining compliance? See how business leaders and IT can empower your front-line workers and keep your company safe.
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trek bcycle webinar

Webinar: Expanding Your Business Opportunities with Mobile (Trek+BCycle Case Study)

Get an inside look at how Trek Bikes leveraged mobile to expand and engage their market with BCycle - and the technology that made it all possible.
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azure website migration webinar

Webinar: 6 Proven Ways Your Website Will Benefit from Migrating to Azure

Discover everything we learned from moving 500+ websites to the cloud - including cost savings, scalability, stability, security, and more!
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agile transformation pain points ebook

EBook: Agile Transformation Pain Points (and how to avoid or manage them)

If you are about to embark on an agile transformation journey or have just started your transformation, this 33-page eBook will accelerate your transformation and save you a lot of time and headaches.
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cloud business continuity plan ebook

EBook: Where Should the Cloud Fit Into Your Business Continuity Plan?

With all the data organizations are producing, backup and recovery can be costly and difficult to scale. Discover how IT leaders can present the best plan to ensure maximum protection while minimizing costs.
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devops webinar

Webinar: DevOps is More Than Automation; It's a Total Mindset Shift

What is DevOps, why does it matter to your organization, and how can you succeed at it? See how success with DevOps is more than using technical practices; it also requires a total mindset shift.
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image recognition webinar

Webinar: What Image and Facial Recognition Can Tell Your Business

Image and facial recognition has gone from a curiosity to an inevitable part of a transformative business strategy. See how your business can benefit from detecting faces, objects, and even emotions.
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webinar power bi diah

Webinar: Power BI Dashboard-in-an-Hour

Accelerate your Power BI knowledge with dashboard training in 1 hour. One of our Sr. Solution Architects shares how to distill an overwhelming amount of data into actionable insights.
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webinar environment complexity

Webinar: How to Handle Increasing Complexity in Product Development

To manage increasing complexity, compete effectively with nimble startups, and provide timely updates to customers, organizations need to manage their products and projects differently.
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gulp grunt webpack presentation

Video: Gulp, Grunt, Webpack: What's a Dev to Choose?

Watch one of our Sr. Software Engineers demonstrate two of the most popular JavaScript task runners, Grunt and Gulp, being used with webpack and browserify, and how they can fit into your JavaScript workflow.
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tabular ri analyzer

Guide: Tabular RI Analyzer Excel Workbook

How can you detect referential integrity issues in your tabular model? With our Tabular RI Analyzer, you can quickly and accurately detect RI issues, the tables they're in, and which values are the problem.
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