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At Skyline Technologies, we’re in the business of building your business. We do it by developing technology that meets your challenges, solves your problems and supports your goals. We do it with focus, discipline and a simple formula: Listen first, plan second, build last. The end result? Real, transformative solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. That’s what has made us one of Wisconsin’s most respected technology firms – and, we hope, what will make us your technology partner.



Thought Leadership, Demonstrated.
Debbie Warner

Quick and Easy Activity for Ranking Requirement Importance
Debbie Warner  
This is a quick and easy activity that the project team can do to rank the importance of requirements.  This works well on a project for selecting a packaged software solution.

Chris Plate

Scenarios for Moving To the Azure Cloud
Chris Plate  
I worked with a client recently that was thinking about offloading a chunk of their data and the handling of that data to Azure.  This was their first foray into Azure, and they were looking for some guidance into how to structure their solution.  I thought I’d share some of the thinking that went on here, as it seems like a situation that is likely to come up often as more and more organizations proceed in this direction

Dale Mumper

What is The Azure Machine Learning Service?
Dale Mumper  
Microsoft recently launched a new Azure service for code-free machine learning. It shows promise in dramatically lowering the complexity of bringing predictive analytics to firms of all sizes and technical skill. I’ll go through a brief introduction to the Azure Machine Learning service and machine learning in general. It’s a great opportunity to leverage the cloud for end-to-end predictive analytics without having to invest in a Data Scientist or learn a plethora of new programming languages.

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